EXCLUSIVE! Louis FitzSimons is ready for this year's Ninja Warrior: "Dad gave me my drive to succeed"

The son of Lisa Wilkinson and Peter FitzSimons says his famous parents made him who he is today.

If there's one thing Louis FitzSimons inherited from his mum, The Sunday Project host Lisa Wilkinson, it's the gift of the gab.
But it's his famous dad, former rugby player, journalist and author Peter FitzSimons, who gave him the mental and physical determination he hopes will see him through to the final of Ninja Warrior!
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"You'd think I'd be good at rugby but I was completely and totally awful," Louis says candidly.
"I'd close my eyes when the ball was thrown at me, and if I did catch it, I didn't want to pass it – and I very rarely caught it!
"But once I found my own thing that I could do physically, I'd say my father led an important role in giving me that drive to succeed."

Despite his parents' fame, 22-year-old Louis says he's always tried to be a little different from his peers.
"I've always strived to be an outcast. I don't want to go down the beaten path like everybody else, so if I find something that's appealing and a little unique, then I'll generally go for it," he says of his decision to take on the fierce obstacle course in this year's series.
As for what's next after his Ninja Warrior debut, Louis wouldn't rule out a cameo on The Project.
"I'm not sure – that would be very much in my mother's domain – but if she ever asked me, I'd surely say yes!" he laughs.
"But for now, I'll start off with Ninja."
Louis shared this cute snap with his mum on Instagram.

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