Lisa Wilkinson made us ugly-cry last night and this is why we're here for it

The former TODAY host made her much-anticipated debut on The Project on Sunday evening, and made every Aussie watching weep in the process...

By Ellie McDonald
It's been a long time coming for Lisa Wilkinson to return to our TV screens, and if last night's gripping appearance on Network 10's The Project was anything to go by, it's going to be a big/moving/heartwarming/tearjerking 2018 for all those who are fans of the 58-year-old.
(Read: all of us.)
Even The Project's Carrie Bickmore gave the TV heavyweight a shoutout (we mean, why wouldn't she? The two havebeen "mates for years").
But it was Lisa's exclusive coverage of a family living through the cruel reality of the effects fo cystic fibrosis that may or may not have caused Kleenex's stocks in Australia to sky-rocket.

Essentially, what went down (and gave every Aussie tuning at home a reason to sob into their Sunday roast) is that Lisa covered the story of Gareth Arena and his late wife Bec's friend Jessica Brockie.
Before Bec died from cystic fibrosis last year at just 30 years old, she and Gareth had always dreamt of having children – something that her CF diagnosis just wouldn't allow her body to do. It was then that Jess decided to become a surrogate for the pair so they could make their dreams of becoming parents come true.
And that they did, with baby Rixon James Arena being born via surrogate (AKA Jess) just one week ago.
Upon meeting Baby Rixon and hearing Gareth and Jess' account of the events that led them to being where they stand today, Lisa couldn't help but cry.
"He's perfect," she said, cradling the young boy in her arms.
"I will raise our son in a way that would make you proud," Gareth says.
"I will continue to love and care for our animals in the same way you did."
Leaving not a dry eye on The Project panel, with Lisa's co-host Rachel Corbett wiping away tears as the segment came to a close, it is clear that pre-interview promise that this story will "break your heart in the best possible way".
We can't wait to see Lisa does/how she makes us cry next…