Lisa Wilkinson’s VERY risqué remark leaves Grant Denyer shocked

The Celebrity Name Game host couldn’t believe the comment came out of her mouth.

By Erin Doyle
Lisa Wilkinson has long been known as one of the classiest presenters.
So when she uttered an accidentally risqué remark while appearing on Channel Ten's Celebrity Name Game on Monday night, she had host Grant Denyer in stitches.
The Project star was trying to guess words on a screen when things took a hilarious turn after a contestant tried to act out the name of a planet.
Pointing to her behind, the contestant asked "what's this called?" after calling out "It's a planet!"
"Oh, Uranus!" Lisa triumphantly responded, with Grant doubling over in fits of laughter.
Following the episode, Grant confessed to Now To Love the humorous moment was a highlight of his career.
"What's this called?" Contestant Mary Ellen asked Lisa. (Image: @grantdenyer/ Instagram)
When Lisa yelled out "Uranus", Grant was in stitches.(Image: @grantdenyer/ Instagram)
"You've got Lisa Wilkinson saying 'Uranus' on national television," Grant laughed.
"Her Royal Highness of television… for her to say such a thing, that for me – I could have just turned the light off on my career and just walked away. I've reached the peak."
Grant also made light of the moment on his Instagram account.
Sharing a clip of the episode, the Network Ten personality wrote: "This is like hearing your Mum swear for the first time."
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Grant admitted that "Her Royal Highness of television" saying "Uranus" was the highlight of his career. (Image: @grantdenyer/ Instagram)
Meanwhile, when Grant recently appeared on Lisa's show The Sunday Project, he had a laugh at his own expense.
Referencing his Gold Logie win last year, which he took home after his previous show Family Feud was axed, he joked that he's hoping the network will also pull the plug on Celebrity Name Game.
"We've got what? Six weeks till the Logies? So I have six weeks to get it cancelled,' he laughed.

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