The awkward moment Lisa Curry sees her son Jett Kenny NAKED on The Real Full Monty

'I've not seen Jett naked since he was three!'

By Bella Brennan
Inviting your mum to come and watch you strip isn't something most men would consider.
But on Sunday night, 23-year-old Jett Kenny was cheered on by his proud mum, former Olympic swimmer Lisa Curry, and sister Jaimi Lee Kenny as he took part in Channel 7's The Real Full Monty.
The sports star teamed up with the likes of actor Shane Jacobson, AFL player Campbell Brown, rugby league's Matt Cooper, radio presenter Brendan 'Jonesy' Jones, presenter Sam Mac, model Kris Smith, and commentator Brian 'BT' Taylor for TV special The Real Full Monty, to help raise awareness around men's health.
Ahead of Jett's performance, Lisa Curry visited her son backstage.
"Where's my boy? Wow, you should be a security guard," the 56-year-old remarked.
A hug from mum for good luck!
"I'm sitting right in the front row! So, what should I do? Should I bring binoculars," she teased.
"I know, don't worry. [Bring a] telescope," Jett joked.
In a somewhat ironic moment, Lisa left Jett and his co-stars with these parting words ahead of his stripping debut: "I've not seen Jett naked since he was three! He used to shower with us when he was a little kiddie. I'm really proud of you. Have a ball!"
Jett is the son of ironman Grant Kenny and Olympic swimmer Lisa Curry.
Just minutes later, Lisa copped an eyeful of her naked son due to a technical error.
Be careful what you wish for, Lisa!
At the end of the performance, Jett's modesty was supposed to be covered up by fireworks.
However thanks to a pyrotechnics stuff-up, Jett was left in the lurch sans fireworks meaning Lisa was probably regretting nabbing those front-row seats.
The looks on their face say it all! Lisa and Jaimi were utterly shocked.
The grand finale!
Despite the glitch, something tells us this won't be the last will be seeing of Jettt.
"It was something I'd never done before and a topic I'd never really thought about," he told NW.
"My biggest concern was definitely having to try and learn a dance routine. I'm not the best dancer out there – not even the trying to strip part."
Online, the one-off series was applauded for its ballsy approach to encouraging men to get checked for prostate cancer.