EXCLUSIVE: The fight the producers tried to hide on The Bachelor Australia

With hometown visits near, two girls are upping the ante.

Tipped by fans and betting sites to be the frontrunners for the final rose, it’s easy to see why there might be a little competition between The Bachelor Australia contestants Laura Byrne and Elora Murger.
But secret on-set spies have revealed the girls’ rivalry is anything but healthy!
Elora and Matty have an undeniable spark.
Bachelor viewers haven’t been privy to the vicious fights and constant tension between the girls but the truth is, jewellery designer Laura, 30, and fitness trainer Elora, 27, can’t stand each other!
And we’re told when the cameras stop rolling, their clashes over who has a stronger romantic connection with Matty, 30, are out of control.
Woman’s Day can reveal there’s a very good reason why producers have decided to keep the drama off camera – it’s believed they want to make sure one of the girls remains likeable in case they return.
“They’ve got one of them in mind to star in a future Bachelor or Bachelorette, so they don’t want viewers to turn on her before it’s announced,” says our spy, adding 
it has been far from easy.
Laura (pictured) and Elora are love rivals - and it's getting ugly!
“During cocktail parties and rose ceremonies we have to separate them. There’s also been fights over outfits and jewellery, with both wanting to wear the same pieces 
to impress Matty,” our source says.
“They’re constantly trying to one-up each other. Elora got the first date – and then she got the first second date, which didn’t sit well with Laura, but Laura got the first kiss and was really open about her chemistry with Matty and that drove Elora wild with jealousy!”
Things are set to escalate this week, with Elora pulling the ultimate stunt that not only leaves Laura, but all the girls, fuming and Matty questioning her behaviour.
The gloves are officially off!
Ouch! Matty has tossed out Laura's painting of him.
And to make matters worse, Matty has shaded Laura after binning the portrait she drew of him.
One Bachelor fan got an unlikely surprise on their evening stroll while walking past Matty’s Bondi residence.
“I saw Laura’s drawing of Matty propped 
up against a tree next to the council clean-up pile,” spills the onlooker.
“I saw a guy and girl cleaning out the garage and there was a whole load of packing boxes, too."
“So it’s hard to say whether Matty was throwing away the drawing or moving it to a new place,” the source added.

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