Kerri-Anne's slimming secrets

The TV queen's fabulous figure is partly thanks to a broken down telly, she tells Lucy Chesterton.
After years of waking up every morning to Kerri-Anne Kennerley's reliable smile and enviable hourglass figure, it's easy for Aussies to forget the queen of the small screen faces the same struggle to stay slim as the rest of us.
"When it comes to healthy eating I'm either very good or very bad," Kerri-Anne admits, summing up the problem of women everywhere.
"I have such an erratic, busy lifestyle, and my self-discipline occasionally leaves a little bit to be desired, and I can be a little lazy," says the woman who appears in our homes at 9am five days a week, looking anything but undisciplined.
"I only drink water if it's in the form of ice in a vodka tonic, and I love fruit as long as it's fermented grapes in a glass of good white wine!
"Well, perhaps that is an exaggeration. I enjoy a drink, but of course, when working, you have to make sure your alcohol intake is moderate."
But after a lifetime of experimenting, Kerri-Anne says she's finally hit on the perfect keep-trim tip.
"Lately I have found the best thing to help me survive is a high-quality vitamin supplement called Tebonin, which is a high-grade ginkgo biloba," she says. "It helps promote blood circulation, which equals more energy."

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