Keira confronts Ash after her exit from I'm A Celeb: "I’m willing to call you out on it"

They never got along in the jungle and now we know exactly why.

By Gabriella Del Grande
It’s no secret outspoken Ash Pollard and Keira Maguire weren’t exactly the cosiest of campmates in the I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out of Here jungle, with the pair constantly butting heads about everything from cooking to lip fillers.
NW spoke to Ash after she exited the South African jungle last night, about her time on the show and conflicts with Keira. However, little did she know the former Bachelor babe was the brains behind our questions.
Ash certainly isn't afraid to speak her mind!
Now, you and Keira didn’t have the most civil of relationships. What was your problem with her?
Keira definitely irked me a bit. I don’t like to judge and of course I’ve never met the girl before and who am I to judge anyway because I’ve been on a reality show myself? You’re portrayed in a certain way so I thought I’ll give her the benefit of the doubt. I gave her two days and I began to sort of realise, this girl is pretty self-obsessed... she’s definitely an unusual creature.
She actually got given a really hard time in there. What do you say to that?
Hmm. Sometimes, but I definitely think she brought it on herself.
Apparently your ex-of-four-years Wilba has also been messaging Keira on the down-low, what do you say to that?
No, I don’t believe [that’s true].
Ash got personal, telling Keira her lips were so big she had a speech impediment!
Did you find your comment about Keira’s lips giving her a speech impediment a bit offensive?
[Laughs] Oh look I just call it how it is. That’s a great trait of mine but it’s also my downfall. I don’t have a filter. I thought I was just saying that in my head but I vocalised it [laughs]. But yeah it’s true, if you walk into the jungle and you’re practically tripping over your lips and you are absolutely denying that its happened, I’m willing to call you out on it.
Even though Keira said she hadn’t had them done in a year and a half?
That is absolute rot. A year and a half? She must’ve had a lot put in if that’s a year and a half. She would’ve been tripping over them for sure at the beginning when she started [getting lip fillers].
But haven’t you had Botox. How would you say that's different?
Botox isn’t changing how I look. I use Botox in my forehead for a preventative for permanent lines. I’m not going around sticking fillers in my face to make myself look swollen.
You also said Keira tips off the paparazzi to come and take her pictures. But there are also rumours you do the same thing. Is that true?
Yes I believe so, she tips the paps. That’s interesting [about me tipping them off]. No, but I have been followed by them a number of times around Sydney.
Hmm, we can only imagine what Keira would have to say about Ash's comments...
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