EXCLUSIVE: The Bold And The Beautiful's Katherine Kelly Lang reveals her most bizarre fan experience

Some people can't separate between fact and fiction...

By Anita Lyons
Katherine Kelly Lang has played Brooke Logan on The Bold and The Beautiful since its inception in 1987.
And for some die-hard fans of the show, separating the stunning 58-year-old from her iconic character proves, well, a little challenging.
Katherine Kelly Lang is flawless. (Source: Getty Images)
While in Sydney promoting her kaftan range "Katherine Kelly Lang Kaftan" (which is sold exclusively through TVSN) the actress revealed a very funny anecdote about a fan who had trouble separating fact from fiction.
"It was probably 15 years ago," Katherine said in a sit down chat with Now to Love.
"Some lady came running up to me and was like: 'Brooke! Brooke!' and I said, "what?" and she said to me: "I have to tell you! You've got to watch our for Taylor. She is out to steal your man!"
Taylor (Hunter Tylo) and Brooke (Katherine Kelly Lang) on the set of The Bold and The Beautiful. (Source: JPI)
And if you need a little refresher on who "Taylor" is, well, she's not a real person.
In fact, Taylor is a character (played by the stunning Hunter Tylo) on the hit soap - and happens to be Brooke's arch nemesis!
"And this woman was serious," Katherine continued. "I mean it wasn't like she was just excited because she was watching the show. She really believed, from what I felt, that this was true and that this was happening to me.
"She felt like she was helping me as a friend, that, you know, was bringing this awareness."
Of course, being the most gracious earth angel that she is, instead of correcting her, Katherine said: "Thank you. I really appreciate you telling me. Thank you for letting me know. I'm gonna, I'm gonna look into this!"
Katherine Kelly Lang has a stunning kaftan collection called 'Katherine Kelly Lang Kaftan'. (Source: Supplied)
But it's fans like these that drive the popularity of the show and as Katherine said that without them, she wouldn't know that she had been married to Ridge (originally played by Ron Moss) 11 times and attempted marriage a whopping 17 times!
"Some fans told me this, otherwise I'd have no idea - they keep track!"
"It's just weird," she said of the weddings. " That would never happen in real life! But to the reality of the soapy world, it's a thing, so we gotta have those!"
Brooke and Ridge get married...again!
And for Katherine, who is now a grandmother (if you can believe it), she'll continue on the show "indefinitely" or for as long as they'll have her.
"I love acting," she said. "I'm so happy. I love that I could do that every single day. And with doing the show, I can do it every day.
"And I love drama, you know, really intense scenes and it's not on every TV show or movie that you get to play that.
"It's so fun when people say, "how do you do those crazy story lines?' and I think, the crazier, the better because it's more fun and more interesting. The whole process is exciting."
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