Kanye's rep says he's ok after hospital visit

Following his recent emergency trip to hospital, Kanye West is reportedly on the mend.
The rapper’s rep has confirmed that Kanye is ok following the hospital dash for an urgent MRI and, after a day of rest in Sydney on Thursday, will continue his tour in Australia.
"He's fine," a rep for the rapper told ET. "I just spoke to him."
Kanye was taken to hospital on Wednesday suffering a migraine and was treated by his own doctor. Kanye’s doctor is travelling with him on tour and cleared out a waiting area at Melbourne’s Epworth Hospital in Richmond so that Kanye could be treated privately.
With his wife Kim Kardashian West by his side, Kanye was stretchered into the hospital with something white covering the lower part of his face.
Mum-of-two Belinda James, who was booked to have an MRI when Kanye’s team of security and his doctor walked in, said he looked “disorientated” and “anxious”.
“Kim looked worried and panicked about the situation. She stood hiding behind the curtain but when he went into have the MRI just the six security guards went in – she waited outside.
"He looked terrible and they seemed really worried.”
Kanye was treated and despite his scare, later performed to a packed crowed at Rod Laver Arena following his release from hospital sometime after 4.30pm.
Kim Kardashian West and Kanye West in Sydney.
Kanye's record label had no comment about his hospital stay, but said his shows will continue as scheduled.
"Kanye went on stage last night in Melbourne as scheduled. The tour continues at Sydney's Qantas Credit Union Arena tomorrow and Saturday, before concluding in Brisbane on Monday night," a Live Nation spokeswoman said.

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