Calling all mini chefs! Junior MasterChef is returning to Channel 10 and casting is now officially open

A new season of cutie pies!

By Maddison Hockey
If you've found yourself deeply enthralled in the new season of MasterChef Australia, you're not alone.
Having some of the show's greatest contestants return for a second chance at glory has taken the competition to new heights.
It turns out bringing back past favourites isn't all the MasterChef franchise is reviving, with Junior MasterChef also set to return.
More MasterChef in an even cuter format? Yes please.
The first, adorable, contestant of Junior MasterChef in 2010. Image: 10
A casting announcement was released on the show's Twitter account, calling for all mini culinary connoisseurs to come forward.
"We are looking for Australia's best young chefs and bakers to join us in the Masterchef Kitchen for a new series of Junior Masterchef," the announcement read.
"Applications are now open and we look forward to welcoming you into the MasterChef family."
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The series first premiered in 2010, with a second season following in 2011, with lower TV ratings.
We haven't seen a third season of the franchise since, but now seems a better time than ever for a revival.
Feel-good family shows are what viewers are calling for in these turbulent times.
And, there's definitely been a few mini MasterChefs cooking up a storm and honing their skills in the kitchen during isolation.
Exactly when the series will air is yet to be confirmed, but we'll be sure to keep our eyes peeled.

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