John reveals how Deb’s Polynesian man obsession really made him feel - And it’s not what you think!

He wasn't Deb's Polynesian dream, but he still wants to make it work.

By Zoë Holloway
MAFS's Deb & John

Last night Australia watched on in absolute bewilderment as Deborah, a 53-year-old former model, went into total meltdown on Married At First Sight after finding out her groom wasn’t Polynesian.

“Why did we do all that Polynesian theme if there was no Polynesian?” she cried while running away on their honeymoon. “All they had to do was put an ad out and they would have got them, interviewed about 100 of them and they would’ve found one. And nothing.”

Instead, Deborah was being wed to 53-year-old single dad John. A charming psychologist from Victoria who loves his daughters, and has only been described by the shows psychologist as “a man Australia’s going to love.”

While Deb may not be falling head over heels for John, Australia definitely did. OK! sat down with John to talk to him about failing to live up to Deb’s Polynesian dream and their role as the “odd couple” …

How did you feel about going to Samoa for the honeymoon?
Well I wasn’t surprised! Keeping with the Polynesian theme I guess… Lots of Polynesian men there [laughs]. There were heaps, but Deb was very respectful and didn’t run away with a Polynesian man that I know of [laughs].

Was the fact that you aren’t Polynesian a major issue between Deb and yourself? Did you sit down and have a chat about that?
No, not at all.

Did she say why she was looking for a Polynesian man?
I did ask her and she said that she liked the culture and said that they had good hearts.

Had she dated a Polynesian man in the past?
She must have, but I didn’t go into that. That was my feeling. It seemed to me that she must have had a really good experience with this Polynesian guy [laughs]. When we were talking, she was saying how she hadn’t dated for 11 years or so, and that’s a long time to not date.

The fighting began day 1 of the honeymoon...
The fighting began day 1 of the honeymoon...

It didn’t get off to a great start…
To her credit, she was disappointed but she still gave it a go. We went on the honeymoon and tried to do some fun things together. I’m a bit of an occa-sort of guy, I’m a bit loud and as you can see Deb is quite peaceful and I think that’s the main difference.

Your smoking also seemed to annoy her?
Yeah, and I get that. I don’t smoke that much and I don’t consider myself a heavy smoker at all; but again, if you are a non-smoker than I get that. I was also a bit loud, a bit more extroverted, and obviously I wasn’t Polynesian and I think those were high up on her list. And I could have been taller.

Did you feel any chemistry with Deb?
Yeah, I think there was some chemistry… she’s a good-looking girl. I’ve always said to people that the more you like someone the more chemistry starts to build.

Why did you decide to move to a separate room during the honeymoon?
I thought it would be better. She hadn’t dated anyone for 11 years and I haven’t lived with anyone since I broke up with my ex-wife. Although I have dated, it became a little too much for us so I thought lets continue to keep going, but let’s get separate rooms so that we have a bit of space.

Were there any major arguments?
No, never. We just had a lot of differences, and Deb had a lot of religious views as well so she wouldn’t kiss. Anything physical was taken off the table straight away. She’s a strong believer.

Deb's clearly not too keen on the idea of kissing her new hubby. Aw, John.
Deb's clearly not too keen on the idea of kissing her new hubby. Aw, John.

Have you dated anyone like Deb in the past?
No I haven’t. Deb was completely different.

What do you think it will take at this stage for you to work out?
A lot of compromise on both sides. If it did work, Deb and I would be the oddest couple out there [laughs].

Would it be disappointing if things didn’t work out after having gone through so much to get to this point?
If it didn’t work out, what I would sum it up as? I would say that it would be another failed relationship that I had that didn’t work out. I’d pick myself up, dust myself off and continue on. I’m not the type to cry over spilt milk if it doesn’t work out.

Deb telling John she's sad he's not Polynesian during their wedding.
Deb telling John she's sad he's not Polynesian during their wedding.

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