EXCLUSIVE! Johanna Griggs on her husband: "I wish I met him earlier!"

The House Rules host talks to us about "the most awesome person" she knows - her husband Todd Huggins.

By Bella Brennan
She's the House Rules superstar who is one of the most popular faces on Australian TV.
But behind the scenes, Johanna Griggs says it's the love of her husband Todd Huggins that keeps her going.

The dream team

"I don't think there's many men who would have a wife who spends 90% of their life travelling and never be insecure about it because he's so confident in his own skin," Johanna Griggs tells Now To Love.
"He's pretty exceptional," the 44-year-old explains.
Joh, who was previously married to actor Gary Sweet, met building foreman Todd through mutual friends and the pair wed in 2006.
Her only regret is that their paths didn't cross sooner.
"I feel so lucky I met him but I wish I met him earlier. He's awesome," she beams with a smile.
"He's such a ripper. He's just the most awesome person I know. He's funny, he's the first person to take the mickey out of himself, he's kind, genuine and just a stand-up human being. You can rely on him," the former Olympic swimmer adds.
"I feel so lucky I met him but I wish I met him earlier," Joh says of her husband Todd Huggins.

Why House Rules is ruling the small screen

The other big love in Joh's life is the renovation ratings juggernaut, House Rules, which she hosts.
Australia can't get enough of the Channel 7 reality show, which sees six couples from all over the country overhaul each other's homes with the highest-scoring couple pocketing the profits from auction.
And Joh thinks our House Rules obsession is all thanks to keeping the format new and fun.
"I think House Rules is going well because we keep evolving it and it stays fresh. People like the fact that no one leaves the show after putting in a lot of effort in without getting a reward," she tells Now To Love.
"I also think throughout all of the highs and lows, the good rises to the top and that's what people like."
While she won't share any hints as to who she has picked to make it to the grand final she does reveal: "I think it's pretty clear. You have an idea of who has a really strong eye for design."
"I think House Rules is going well because we keep evolving it and it stays fresh."

Joh's amazing new role - a grandmother!

In March, Joh's youngest son from her marriage to Gary Sweet, Joe, 21, and his partner, Katie Buttel, welcomed their first child together - a beautiful baby boy called Jax.
Proudly calling herself "Joh-nanna", the adoring grandmother can't get enough of her new role.
WATCH: Meet Joh Griggs' adorable grandson. Post continues...
"He's just a beacon of love and joy in our lives," she admits.
"You just want to steal every moment with him, he changes by the day and it's just extraordinary how much a little baby can bring so much joy into our lives, into Katie's family's lives."
"None of us can get enough of him, he's so cute."
Joh just loves being a grandma to little Jax.