Joan opens up about being the first person voted out of season two of Australian Survivor

“It was a lot tougher than I imagined.”

By Elisa Parry
Joan’s stint on Australian Survivor was short, but not necessarily sweet.
“It was definitely a dream come true,” she tells TV WEEK. “But it was a lot tougher than I imagined.”
Joan, 29, didn’t have a sense of how much the series would test her before signing up to the show.
“I knew Survivor was going to be tough – physically and mentally,” she says. "But they don’t tell you, or show you how hard it actually is.”
She certainly didn’t appreciate the accommodation on the island.
“It felt like you were sleeping under a cold shower,” she says.
Despite being the first to leave camp, Joan was excited to watch the episode to find out who had her back and who didn’t.
“I wanted to know who was on my side,” she admits. “It was really good to see that Luke was there and trying to defend me and keep me in the game.”
While she thinks Luke is one to watch, Joan thinks Sarah has what it takes to win the competition.
“I hope it’s Sarah [who wins],” she says. “She lied straight to my face and I hope she continues to play such a strong game because you need to be cut-throat out there.”
Time will tell…

If she had her time again, Joan says she would have scaled back on her beauty sleep.
“When you sleep, you’re not part of the conversations,” she explains. “Kent was there and he made those connections more than I did. So early on in the game, people are going to choose any reason to vote you out.”

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