Eurovision 2018 recap: The winner, the surprises and the moments that left us speechless

From pyrotechnics to protestors; Eurovision had it all!

The Eurovision Song Contest has come to an end for another year and as always, there wasn't a dull moment in sight.
From Israel winning the coveted title and a protester bursting stage to the tweet from J.K Rowling that went viral; our eyes didn't know where to look.
The big moment of the night was awarded to Toy singer Netta, who managed to clinch the win after a nail-biting finish.
"Someone had to win," Netta says shyly. "I am proud and honoured to bring this magical event to Israel."
Netta was a firm favourite from the very beginning with her unique and imaginative performance. Her biggest competition was Cyprus and Austria, who finish second and third respectively.
The big moment of the night was awarded to Toy singer Netta.
Sadly, Australia's own Jessica Mauboy fell short of victory, finishing 20th on 99 points. The disappointing end was a shock to many who expected her to place in the top 10. She also placed fourth in the semi-finals and had received a standing ovation.
"Netta is such a strong woman," Jess says. "I've given my best and I've given it my all mentally and physically. I sung my heart out."
Praised for her dynamic stage presence, the 28-year-old quickly became a contender within the first days of the competition. But in the grand final performance, the chart-topper wasn't able to beat the stiff competition.
Australia's own Jess Maubouy placed 20th in the competition.
Wearing her signature one-shoulder purple dress, which has been her on-stage outfit for the duration of competition, the Darwin-born singer was in her element. She encouraged the crowd to sing along, while she displayed her stellar vocal range.
"Getting through to the semi's was wild, so I feel celebrated," she explains. "I felt like I wont anyway."
While Jess has been involving the crowd from the beginning, it was a new addition to most acts. Taking a queue from the Fallin' singer, Austria and Slovenia used their moment to rally the audience. Every one was in it to win it and no one held back.
But it was Netta's game.
The 25-year-old got the crowd moving with her fast lyrics and electronic genre. There was certainly no act quite like hers. Her dancers signature chicken dance was complemented by 112 Meneki-nekos (Asian cat toys used as lucky charms).
The contest was one by Israel's Netta.
Proving her popularity for the final time, the winner, who also appeared in her nation's own reality show Rising Star, was in the final five throughout the entire voting process.
While Israel's shining moment may have been a surprise to some fans, it wasn't the only shocking moment of the show.
United Kingdom's SuRie felt the calm before the literal storm when a protester crashed the stage and stole the microphone for approximately fifteen seconds.
Thankfully, the man was bundled off stage and the 28-year-old completed her song, "Storm". With her head held high, SuRie received a standing ovation from the audience.
Later in the night, the Essex-born singer was given the option to sing again by the EBU, but declined citing "there was no reason to".
During the incident, SBS commentator Joel Creasey didn't hold back on his feelings about the protestor. But the 27-year-old didn't expect to be tweeted about by famous author, J.K Rowling.
The Harry Potter novelist praised the Australian comedian for his takedown of the intruder and insisted fans never question Australia's place in Eurovision again.
Ten points to Gryffindor!
From the shocking moments to the surprising stage shows, Ukraine's MELOVIN set the stage alight – literally – during his performance of "Under The ladder". The crowd enjoyed every minute, particularly when he raised himself out of a coffin-like cabinet.
Of course, every performance included pyrotechnics, fireworks or a mesmerising light show. The electricity bill of which, we're sure, is enough to make anyone's eyes water.
After three hours of performances and nervous waiting for votes, the Eurovision Song Contest finally came to a stunning end.
The emotional ending proved almost too much for most performers who were evidently feeling a mixture of relief and happiness. Israel celebrated and our tired eyes could finally rest.
Well done to all contestants and our Aussie girl Jess.
Until next year, Eurovision!

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