Jess and Matt’s Bold And Beautiful debut

The Sydney couple serenaded the cast of The Bold And The Beautiful Down Under.

By Elisa Parry
It’s been a big year for Sydney duo Jess and Matt. The couple released their debut album Belmont Street, featuring their hit single “Sydney To Me”, they performed on The Bold And The Beautiful – and they recently got engaged!
The loved-up song writers tell TV WEEK what it was like to mingle with the cast of The Bold And The Beautiful while they were filming in Australia.

Did you have a crazy fan moment when you met the cast?

Jess: It was ridiculous. I was fan-girling so much. They are so beautiful! I was just in awe all day. I said to Quinn, “My gosh, you look so beautiful, and bold.” I just freaked out.
Matt: She cracked under pressure.

How did it all play out on the day?

Matt: We got asked to play our new single, “Sydney To Me”. It was very fitting with the scene being shot down at Shelly Beach – a pristine location for us to sing that track. We wrote it about the city, but we wrote it about our relationship as well. So it helps that it felt really true to us. That’s why it sort of tipped over to The Bold And The Beautiful so well, because it’s just a love story.
Jess: We were serenading the most beautiful people in the world.
Jess and Matt with the cast of The Bold And The Beautiful.

Have you always been big fans of the show?

Jess: My grandma told me a story of when I was seven and we were up the coast and she rushed me back from the beach because she had to watch The Bold And The Beautiful. I was hooked. The next day I was like, “Grandma we’ve got to rush home and watch The Bold And The Beautiful!”

So now you’ve made your acting debut, can we expect to see more of you on TV in the future?

Matt: We’ve never acted or anything before so it was pretty ridiculous!
Jess: We were definitely practising our Blue Steels.

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