My Kitchen Rules star Jazzey is looking for love on Take Me Out

The Perth star is making a return to reality TV

My Kitchen Rules star Jazzey is making a return to TV. This time, she's looking for love – on dating show Take Me Out.
Perth waitress Jazzey is best remembered for her on-screen flirtation with fellow MKR contestant Henry, though she says it was never anything more.
"I still get messages from people who didn't get the memo that nothing happened and we're not together," the 21-year-old tells TV WEEK.
Who will Jazzey keep a light on for?
But Jazzey's time on the cooking contest inspired her to find "The One".
"Everyone told me to go on The Bachelor, but I thought Take Me Out was more up my alley," she says.
"Dating shows are often very looks-based, but on this show there were girls of all shapes and sizes. Everyone is so unique."
Jazzey began her MKR journey earlier this year with best friend Stella, where the pair became fan favourites on the cooking show.
The WA waitresses' missed out on a spot in the grand final when they were forced into a cook off against Queensland couple Alex and Emily, who later went on to win the series.
Jazzey teamed up with friend Stella on MKR.
Although she was proud of her and Stella's achievements, Jazzey revealed that there were a lot of challenges working on the show.
"My Kitchen Rules was honestly the best and worst thing I've ever done in my life," she says.
"I got fat, I was broke and I couldn't talk to anyone at home for months,"
She wasn't alone, with teammate Stella agreeing that the show physically took a toll on them.
"It's hard to stay healthy during production. You're eating so much food and aren't really able to get out and be active."
Take Me Out airs on Tuesday, 7:30pm on Channel Seven.

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