His heart has been soiled: Jarrod Woodgate doesn't win The Bachelorette or Sophie Monk's heart

His consolation prize: A pot plant to hold all his tears.

By Chloe Lal
Gosh, we all saw this coming and now it's time to #PutYourPotPlansOut...
Unless you're Jarrod Woodgate aka not the man of Sophie Monk's dreams.
That's right, in the most nail-biting Bachelorette finale of all time, Sophie Monk dumped Jarrod, instead picking Stu Laundy as the winner of her heart and the third season of The Bachelorette Australia.
Before her decision, Jarrod admitted, "I really hope Sophie chooses me. I am in love with her and I always will be!"
Speaking to Osher, he said, "It's been a massive journey to come this far with the help of Sophie."
"I've learned to love, to build a relationship through difficult times."
"Sophie's heart - that's all I want," he mused.
Sadly, his hopes were dashed. Underneath the trademark violin loser's music, Sophie began her speech.
"I could tell [from beginning] that you had my back," Sophie explained.
"You're one of the kindest people I've ever met and I've felt you've always been here for me."
"You're truly one of the most thoughtful, kind men I've ever met."
"I'm determined not to make the same mistakes as before. But with love you've got to think with your heart. In my head, I know you're everything."
Sophie concluded, "But my heart belongs to someone else! I am so sorry."

Jarrod left speechless, just said, "Wow, now you've got me tearing up. I didn't expect that!"
"It's alright! But no regrets what so ever."
Walking away from her, he said, "Look after yourself."
Speaking afterwards, he wept, "No I didn't see that coming. You finally find a purpose in life and think you've got a future with this girl. Everything is looking up... It hurts!"
"The love that I have for Sophie - she's the perfect girl. I wanted to grow old with, have a family. I will still love Sophie, that's not going to change."
"It's painful - I'm going to miss her."
"I love you, Sophie!"
Faced with one of the toughest decisions of her life, Sophie admitted,"Jarrod isn't the type of guy I've got with in the past, but now that I've gotten to know this man... I've realised with what I've been missing out in whole life."
"I'm so grateful this man has come into my life."
While Jarrod, 31, voiced his passion for the blonde.
"Sophie is the most amazing woman I've ever met! Sophie and I are so similar and we've connected on a level you wouldn't think possible."
Confessing, "My heart is just getting deeper and deeper for Sophie."
Earlier in the episode, the vineyard manager finally got his chance to show his true self to The Monk family.
Presenting Soph's mum with hand-picked flowers, the 31-year-old was doing a great job of winning them over.
Being "truthful and open", he admitted to them that he made himself vulnerable to fall for Sophie.
Sandi took her daughter's suitor away for a private chat, where she questioned Jarrod about love.
"She's a strong girl, but knowing she has fears like I do... Supporting Sophie and Sophie supporting me - that's love!"
After their chat, Sandi was smitten, calling him "adorable".
"He loves her, it sounds like her really does love her," she gushed.
Watch Sandi talk about Jarrod in the video below!
As they embarked on their very last date, Jarrod squealed, "Sophie is looking so cute!"
After discovering how much Soph's family adored him, Jarrod was whisked away in a chopper to check out the stunning Fijian views.
"Jarrod has every quality in a man I've been looking for my entire life," she said.
"I've basically given my heart on platter to Sophie!"
As couple enjoyed an intimate lunch on private island, which the 37-year-old describing it as her "favourite day", Sophie did admit she cared about the tall blonde man.
Jarrod admitted their final date was "the best experience of their entire life!"

"This is the best day of my life," Jarrod remarked to the camera, but Sophie did confess in her piece that it was a little one-sided.
Jarrod put all of Sophie's fears at bay, professing, "You are perfect the way you are. I just want a life with you, and grow old with you."
As long as my life involves you, I want you to be able to love me as I love you."
"The way I feel about you now, I haven't felt about anyone else."
"I am devoted to you."
Brought to tears, Sophie shared, "It's so nice to hear."
Jarrod may not have been the last man standing, but boy did he try his hardest.
Twitter was at the ready for to give their commiserations, urging fans to put their pot plants out...
And ultimately, serve out their best burns.
Jarrod's pot plant seemed to take tonight's episode the hardest.
The runner-up has since broken his silence, sharing a lengthy open letter on Instagram about his time on the show.
"Coming into this I never thought I'd have the opportunity to get to know such a warm hearted, down to earth, hilarious woman let alone fall in love with her," he began.
"This journey has been the most challenging & exciting in my life so far. Through all the highs & lows all I wanted was to be true to myself. Falling in love is such an incredible experience & really is the best feeling in the world. My heart will heal & I wouldn't change a single moment. "
He then turned his attention to Stu's new gal.
"Sophie, thank you. You've helped me to learn so much about myself. Opening up to you & sharing my feelings just felt so natural from our first encounter. I wish you all the happiness in the world, you deserve nothing but love & laughter in your life."
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