Bachelorette shock exclusive: Jarrod Woodgate is a cross-dresser

Well... This is something none of us saw coming!

He might seem straight-laced, but sources say there’s another side to Jarrod Woodgate we haven’t seen on The Bachelorette Australia– and it’s pretty wild!
In scenes viewers didn’t see on Sophie Monk's season of The Bachelorette, Jarrod reportedly admitted to kissing another guy during their game of Never Have I Ever, before going on to reveal his secret hobby – dressing as a woman.
"Apparently that’s a normal, big night out down on the vineyard," our source shares exclusively.
"Jarrod said all the boys like to put on gowns as a bit of fun. He’s not the military super-nerd you think he is! He also claimed he’s slept with over 1000 women. None of the guys believed it but he stuck by it and seemed proud of it!"
Jarrod is completely in touch with himself, and has no issues with sharing intimate details about his past.

Meanwhile, the high-pressure stakes of living in the mansion appear to be getting too much for the 31-year-old.
Sources say he shocked the other boys with his over-the-top reaction when one of them screamed in his sleep.
"Jarrod burst into the room in the middle of the night wearing nothing but his undies and holding a spear. He said he found it in one of the wardrobes!"

We’re told the vineyard manager threw a few tantrums, too, over the suits he had to wear on the show because they were too baggy.
This is not the only drama clouding the former military man.
Who can forget last week's pot plant drama, with the 31-year-old accusing pretty much everyone of sabotaging his love fern with Sophie.
“You guys are taking this too far," Jarrod yelled at his Bachie mates, looking at the sad, lifeless pot.
With such stress, there should be little shock that the wine maker has been documenting everything that's been happening in the mansion.
And he plans to turn it into a book.
Do we need to send Sophie a few warning signals...
"I don’t usually write journals or diaries, but I did in the house," he told OK!
"I utilised the time in the house to question the boys," Jarrod admitted. "So I knew everything that went on. Even when they went on single dates!"
After his group school date, he's going to enlist some help to get the book over the line.
“I think I’m going to have to get my sister to go through the wording, the spelling and the abbreviations first, otherwise it won’t be a top-seller,” he remarked.
That's not the only Bachie shocker that will make your jaw drop... Pick up a copy of Woman's Day magazine for the all on Soph's suitor's dirty laundry!

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