Is this the end of Offspring?

Asher Keddie weighs in on the future of the Proudman family.

By Tamara Cullen
Is it goodbye to Nina Proudman?
As Offspring fans ready themselves for this week’s season finale, many are speculating whether this will be the final run of the long-running drama.
Now, actress Asher Keddie has revealed even she is unsure whether the show will be renewed for an eighth season.
“There are different possibilities if we were to go again, but I also feel like all the siblings in particular have gotten to quite a solid place in their emotional lives,” the 43-year-old tells The Daily Telegraph.
“It is quite satisfying at the end. There is a lovely note of ambiguity.”
All signs do seem to be leading to a happy end for the Proudman clan. Nina, played by Asher, is currently expecting a baby with her partner Harry (Alexander England).
She’s also contemplating making a move away from St Francis Hospital after missing out a big promotion. But can she really walk away?
That in itself is enough to make the lead actress question whether things are wrapping up for her character.
“After a lot of predictable procrastination on her part, she makes some clear and bold choices,” Asher tells TV WEEK. “We leave it open. I’m not one to close doors, I like things to close naturally so I just don’t know. It could go either way.”
Will Nina finally get her happy ever after?
Meanwhile, Will (TJ Power) and girlfriend Kerry (Ash Ricardo) tied the knot and Billie (Kat Stewart) has embarked on a new adventure with love interest Dan (Jeremy Lindsay Taylor). Perhaps this is the happy ever they’ve all been looking for?
With no news confirmed from representatives at Network Ten, we’d suggest having the tissues at the ready in preparation.
Either way, we’re not ready to say goodbye just yet!

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