Johnny Ruffo fuels speculation he’s returning to ‘Home And Away’ with a very telling new post

“OMG Chris is coming back!!!”

By Candice Mehta-Culjak
Johnny Ruffo, who played Chris Harrington on Home And Away from 2013 to 2016, has has fueled speculation he's returning to 'Home And Away' (and sent fans into a tizzy!) with a new picture posted to social media.
Taking to Instagram, the 30-year-old shared a picture of himself alongside veteran star of the show Lynne McGranger.
He captioned the shot: "On set today with my bestie @lynnemcgranger"

The cheeky upload was quick to gain attention from those dreaming/hoping/wishing for his return to the bay.
"Are you going back on H&A @johnny_ruffo ? That'd be awesome. Best wishes," one wrote, while another added: "On set? Home and Away Set? Is Chris Harrington returning? 🙏🙏🙏"
Meanwhile, a third noted: "Does that mean good ol' Chris is coming back to the bay? There's been a little less sparkle without him and I think Hunter and Mason could use Chris and his lady skills ahaha."
Of course, the picture could have sprung from a number of different scenarios. Johnny and Lynne are known to be firm friends and also happen to share an ambassadorial role for meal kit company Hellofresh -- still, we're keeping our fingers and toes crossed for a soapie-comeback or at the very least a guest appearance.
The mystery post comes nearly one year after the actor and musician was diagnosed with brain cancer, after discovering he had a seven-centimetre tumour that had grown over his right frontal lobe in his brain.
Speaking with The Project, he later revealed it was simply luck that he was still with us today.
"The surgeon said if I hadn't gone to the hospital that night I would have died in my sleep that night. It is just sheer luck that I went in when I did and everything happened the way it did otherwise I wouldn't be here," he told the news program.

The Perth native, who became a household name following his time on X-Factor, experienced headaches regularly - which he believed to be a side effect to his lifestyle.
"Anything that may have been a symptom, I just put down to normal life. Headaches - I played sports and copped a million and one knocks in the head," he said,
"You never thought - it may have attributed to it or not. You wake up with a bit of a hangover and you think, 'it is a headache from having a drink,' but this particular time I hadn't gone out at all and I just had a really bad headache. It grew from that."
Thankfully, the much-loved star is now very much on the mend!