From House Husbands to humanitarian: Is Firass Dirani quitting TV?

He was Australia's bad boy that became the single dad we all wanted to date, but now Firass Dirani is thinking about taking on a role that will change the lives of millions.

After years in the spotlight, Firass is contemplating quitting television.
“Firass recently visited Africa and it 
was a real eye-opener for him,” an insider reveals to Woman's Day.
“He’s now considering getting rid of all of his material possessions and quitting acting for good. He’s craving adventure and excitement.”
Firas is one of the nation's most beloved stars.
The news comes after the TV WEEK Logie Award winner recently admitted to the Daily Telegraph he’ll move on from his current role as Justin Baynie on House Husbands after five seasons on the popular Nine drama.
“I’ve had a lot of fun on the show and have worked with some veterans of the industry. But I’m 32 now, and there are some other things I’d like to do,” Firass admitted.
“Maybe I could disappear for 
a few years, why not?”
In February, the Aussie star touched on his time in Kenya where he volunteered for two organisations — one for disadvantaged street kids and the other at a small clinic which helped patients with cerebral palsy.

“I’ve always wanted to explore and experience Africa,” he explained.
“So I chose Kenya, I wanted to go there and experience all the colours, the people and the culture," the now-33-year-old said to The West Australian
“I thought if I was going to go to Kenya, I might as well volunteer my time and try to understand the situation over there.
“People go there for a week or two weeks but... if you’re going to make any kind of impact or connection with the kids you should at least stay for four weeks, and that’s what I did."
“It was cool, it’s something where you kind of try to explore a different side of yourself and you feel privileged and blessed to be given the opportunity where you can give back.”
“I’ve got to go back there.”

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