EXCLUSIVE: Inside Sam Armytage's week from hell

The brave Sunrise star is feeling the pressure – and it’s not the first time she’s had to deal with rivals.

It was the moment usually-sunny breakfast TV anchor Sam Armytage snapped and had a “hissy fit” in wardrobe over a jacket earmarked for Melissa Doyle, who used to sit in Sam’s seat at Sunrise. The outburst came after weeks of tension internally over co-stars’ salaries and past bitter rivalries 
at Seven.
“Sam had a massive meltdown over one particular jacket,” our insider shared.
The wardrobe department bought it for Mel, and Sam saw 
it and loved it – and wanted it – and let everyone know she felt she should have it."
"It was all a bit awkward. I think Sam is feeling under a lot of pressure.”
Sam isn't the first lady of news to have a "hissy fit" with a co-star over their wardrobe... Relive the controversy of "Jacket Gate" in the video below!
On the surface Sam, 41, almost always appears cool, calm and collected.
But there have been rumours of clashes over the years with both Mel and former Seven newsreader Chris Bath when the pressure got too much.
With Chris having left the network, Mel sidelined to hosting Sunday Night, and Sam now Seven’s undisputed leading 
lady – with a rumoured salary 
of $1.2 million – she should be riding high on her success.
Yet insiders say she’s anything but her usual happy self, unsettled by Lisa Wilkinson’s dramatic exit from Nine.
Our source tells us she's “miffed” 
that she wasn’t seen as 
a frontrunner for the vacancy – and feeling underpaid after the revelation Nine offered Lisa $1.8 million to stay.
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The Sunrise team made a swipe at Lisa Wilkinson's shock departure from Today, which you can watch below!

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