We speculate who I'm A Celebrity's feuding contestants could be

I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here teased a clue about the first two contestants.

By Jacqui King
Network Ten have officially confirmed that I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here is returning to the small screen in 2018 and with it came a clue about the show's first two contestants.
“In 2018, two Aussie icons in the middle of Australia’s biggest feud will be stuck living together in the jungle,” they wrote on their Facebook page.
We and the show’s fans have been wracking our brains over this little teaser.
Who is currently feuding? Is it a real feud or a fake feud? Could they mean actual feud as in, Grant Denyer’s Family Feud? Is Grant Denyer going to the jungle??
See, our mind is going in a thousand different directions.
Here, we speculate who these two Aussie celebs could be…

Grant Denyer and Daryl Somers

We’re obviously throwing this out there because of the Family Feud reference. Daryl was a previous host of the show and Grant is the one who’s currently steering the ship. Could the two TV juggernauts enter the jungle together?

Kyle Sandilands and Rove McManus

Rove and Kyle were radio rivals so this ties in with the clue nicely. During a KIIS FM interview with Rikki-Lee Coulter, Kyle had a random outburst, saying: “I hate Rove McManus … I can’t stand the ----!”
Having the two of them face off in the jungle would be ratings gold but we’re not really convinced Kyle would sign up for the show. He’s reportedly been asked in the past to do it, and in 2015, he said: “The only reason I’m not going is because I’m very lazy.” Maybe he’s had a change of heart?

Kyle Sandilands and Rob Mills

In September, former Australian Idol star Rob Mills opened up about a nasty prank he endured on the KIIS FM which involved him being covered in tuna fish pie, honey and feathers.
Rob said about the smelly stunt: “I’ve not been on the show since, because I hate them,” and Kyle fired back saying Rob had given it the ok prior.

Kyle Sandilands and David Campbell

We might as well say ‘Kyle Sandilands vs The World’ because the list of who he’s feuding with is a long one.
Earlier this month, Kyle explained why he has beef with the Today Extra host. “I’ve done the right thing by you the whole time and he just jumped on the bandwagon," Kyle said about David. "He’s just a peasant. Now he’s no friend of mine.”
This could be a great feud to see on-screen but we’re guessing David’s hands are tied at the Nine network.

Guy Sebastian and Shannon Noll

There’s no beef between these two (just really great banter) but Aussie fans have been debating for years about whether it should have been Shannon Noll who won Australian Idol in 2003 over Guy Sebastian.
We reckon I'm A Celeb could potentially be like a Idol 2.0 and the two can battle it out to see who the REAL winner is.

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