I'm A Celeb's Tom slams Lisa: "You’re like Jane Lynch on Glee"

Turns out behind the scenes the rivalry between Tom Arnold and Lisa Curry was a lot more heated than we ever thought, with the American actor telling NW their attacks got personal.

By Gabriella Del Grande
Ready for the rant? Here goes nothing!
"We definitely didn’t get along. I obviously remind her of somebody from her life and she reminds me of authoritive figures."
"I respect authoritive figures when they’re in change but if they’re the f--king camp counsellor on a reality show and they’re pointing about the way I’m putting my knife down I tried to keep calm but I was like: F---. You. What the f--- is wrong with you? You’re like Jane Lynch on Glee."
Oh, no he’s not finished yet…
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"I tried to apologise and she was like ‘I don’t accept your apology, you’re a horrible person.’ And then she was like, ‘You know nothing about me.’ And then I named literally 50 things I know about her. A lot of them good. A lot of them the reason I admire her."
"But when a woman or man says that you know it’s gone beyond – it’s personal. And I said, I assume I remind you of your first husband because you said he got into a lot of trouble."
He continued: "There’s things that she won’t talk about which I respect but I talk about everything, like paedophile stuff that happened to me when I was kid."
"I was just gently trying to bond with her about marriage, I’ve made some mistakes, I had a wife cheat on me and you know, and I go, well you know you had a bad marriage and she goes, 'No I didn’t! I had a great marriage.'"
"I go, well you have a fiance now so I assume something went sideways. She goes, ‘you don’t know anything!’ Steve Price told me everything. I was honestly trying to bond, I wasn’t trying to pick on her in anyway. And she’s like ‘I was trying to help you.’ And I said I don’t want your help. What the f--kkkk?!"
Tom Arnold came to blows with Lisa Curry in the jungle.
Turns out nothing can stop Tom when he’s deep in the feels. Well, almost nothing.
“When Casey [Donovan] tells me to shut up I shut up immediately because I have unlimited respect for her,” he says. “She does not say much but when she does she’s very wise.”
Um, Casey – a little help here?

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