I'm A Celeb's Nazeem reveals: Tom Arnold's comments were "borderline abusive"

He was undoubtedly the camp favourite, but there were definitely people in camp that Nazeem didn't get along with so much - including Tom Arnold.

By NW team
He was essentially crowned the peacemaker of the camp, but that doesn't mean Nazeem Hussain was cool, calm and collected the entire time he was shooting I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out of Here.
Yep, the Aussie comedian spoke to NW as he left the jungle to munch on some Tim Tams, revealing that while many of us thought he was being kind and ridiculously hilarious, he actually used his sense of humour to mask his anger.
And something that really pushed his buttons? His former campmate Tom Arnold...
Tom certainly stirred the pot before he was swiftly given the I'm A Celeb boot.
You were certainly loved by everyone in camp. But was there anyone who you weren't much of a fan of?
I think Tom really crossed the line a few times. The way he disagreed with people I think was borderline abusive. That came across when he yelled at Lisa. That was not right. And I think he understood that and he apologised but you shouldn’t be able to do that again and he did it again a couple of times. That didn’t feel right and I think the audience responded to that.
Keira also copped a lot from the campmates but you two seemed to be friends. What do you think of her?
I think Keira came into camp thinking she needed to play the role of intruder that’s going to ruffle feathers, so she kind of wore that burden herself. And you know, that immediately did rub people up the wrong way but I actually warmed to Keira. She’s full of energy, she’s got a great sense of humour, and you know what? She told all of us a story. She left home at the age of 14, she took herself out of school and enrolled in another. She’s been a fighter for more than half her life, and I really respect that in a person. I would sit back and watch her take on the entire group. She would present an argument or unpopular opinion and back herself, and that’s gutsy! That’s admirable. It’s easy to position yourself in the bigger group, but she never did that. If she wanted to say something unpopular but she believed in it, she’d go there and present her argument and wouldn’t back down if she didn’t believe she needed to.
Speaking of admiration, Steve Price seemed to bloody love you and you seemed like total besties. Are you guys planning to continue the bromance in real life?
We’ve already started hanging out. We’re actually staying at the same hotel at the moment and he actually just paid for a nights accommodation for me and my wife. The guy’s a gentleman. And as much as I really disagree with some things he says, he’s got a good heart and he’s a nice guy and we’ll definitely remain friends.
Expect to be seeing a lot more of the Steve and Nazeem bromance people!
Now you’re performing at the upcoming Melbourne and Sydney Comedy festivals. Are you going to use your time in the jungle as some inspiration for your stand-up routine?
Of course! Absolutely. Also because I have a week and a half to write the show so I’m relying on my experience in the jungle. I’ll talk about some of the things you didn’t see on screen!

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