EXCLUSIVE: Top 5 reno tips from House Rules winners Aaron and Daniella

Looking to spruce up your home? Here are 5 winner-approved tricks to make it over with ease...

By OK! team
If you're looking for solid advice on revamping your space with minimal effort, 2017 House Rules winners Aaron and Daniella have got you so sorted - even if the cute Queensland couple are still pinching themselves!

"It’s changed our lives 100 per cent," Aaron tells OK!. "Watching that show last night sucked so much emotional energy out of me and I got home and was disastrously tired and somebody woke me up going, ‘Did we just win? Did that just happen?’ So it’s still a bit surreal."
And while the couple were sad for runners-up Kate and Harry, the pair already have plans to holiday with their newfound besties on the Gold Coast. "We are going to fly the guys up and get them to spend a week with us and enjoy a house welcoming, they’ll be our special guests," says Aaron.
Here, in an post-win exclusive with OK!, the couple share their top five tips to refresh your home - without the drama!
1. Make friends with wallpaper
Not many blokes will tell you that they love wallpaper, but Aaron is straight up about the real difference that it can make in your home.
"Wallpaper is really in at the moment. I think it’s a really good way to bring some colours and textures into your house," he tells OK!.

2. Put your trust in timber
Whether you're going for timber flooring or accenting your home with timber furniture, you can't go past this natural resource for bringing life into any room.
"I would say timber is amazing… [it] really warms any area," says Daniella.

3. Go colour crazy
This couple love a splash of colour - so much so that they included it as one of their own rules for their home reno during the show.
"I think prior to House Rules I wouldn’t have been so experimental when it comes to colours," Aaron tells OK!. But now, he's a changed man!
"I’m just in love with green at the moment. I’m loving emeralds and indigos, I think those colours mixed in with a really nice gold or brass is just on the money."

4. Be creative
Let your space be as crazy, colourful or quirky as you want it to be! Not sure where to start? Aaron suggests finding a piece that you absolutely love and building the space outwards from there.
"I think that people need to be creative in their place," he says. "So if you find a centrepiece in your house... and build the room around that!"

5. Get symmetrical
Symmetry plays a huge role in balancing any space, say Aaron and Daniella.
"This is coming from my geeky carpentry side," Aaron laughs. "Make sure that you are getting your lines working symmetrically so that when you glance at it, you subconsciously feel that everything is meant to be the way that it is."
Winner winner chicken dinner! The talented duo with their two young sons Jackson and Brooklyn, and runner-up Kate and her son Xavier.
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