The winners of House Rules 2017 have been revealed

Congratulations to...

By Helen Vnuk
Aaron and Daniella have defeated Kate and Harry to take out this year’s House Rules.
The $200,000 prize means a lot to the Gold Coast couple, who have two young sons.
“Financially we have struggled,” Daniella recently revealed to TV WEEK. “I know people are looking at us and going, ‘How can you struggle when you’ve bought that house on the Gold Coast?’ But we worked our little tushes off to get where we are. The house is not paid off. We’re completely in debt, like most families are.”
Going on the show has given Aaron and Daniella more than a cash prize and a newly renovated house. It’s given them the idea for a new business.
Former professional dancer Daniella says she and Aaron would now like to do House Rules-style renovations for other people.
“We would love to open up a build-and-design kind of business,” she explains. “I could do a bit of consulting and Aaron could be there – pretty much what we’ve done on the show.
“We love flipping properties. That’s what House Rules is all about. We could bring that to Queensland and flip people’s homes in a matter of in a matter of… I wouldn’t say a week…”
“Probably a bit more breathing space,” carpenter Aaron adds with a laugh. “But that’s exciting as well. Daniella’s got the renovating bug now!”
Daniella says they absolutely love their renovated house.
“Every day I’m waking up pinching myself,” she admits. “I look over at Aaron and go, ‘Do you realise this is our house?’ Sometimes it’s felt like a bed and breakfast, like we’ve just hired the house for the week on the coast.
“We wake up and we open the blinds and we look out to the back and we just go, ‘Wow, we are so lucky! Out of everyone in Australia, look what we’ve got!’”

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