House Rules' Wendy Moore promises a tight competition: ‘It’s the best season yet!'

‘There are teams that have really surprised me!’

The time has come to put on those hard hats, because House Rules is back!
And according to judge Wendy Moore, viewers can expect more changes, challenges and drama this time around.
Chatting to TV WEEK ahead of the season premiere, Wendy reveals that, unlike previous seasons, the competition is closer than ever before.
"There's no obvious leader and no obvious rung, so that's different from past seasons," Wendy says.
"In the past years, we've seen some people who just don't get it and can never quite catch up, whereas this year, there are a lot of changes on the leaderboard. So the competition stays open pretty much the whole time."
House Rules judge Wendy Moore with host Johanna Griggs and fellow judges Laurence Llewelyn Bown (left) and Drew Heath.
So just who is Wendy's favourite team?
"There are teams that have really surprised me," she says. "But I think Josh and Brandon seem like really good guys and are showing a lot of promise."
And when it comes to drama, Wendy admits there will be no shortage of it.
"It's not like last year when we had Fiona and Nicole, who basically annoyed everyone constantly," she explains.
"There are some clashes between Leigh and Kristie and a few of the other teams. And Mel and Dave are pretty feisty too. They don't mince their words with anyone."
Wendy says Queensland brother duo Josh and Brandon are "showing a lot of promise."
Wendy promises fans can also expect excitement from the outset, with House Rules' first-ever auction. The seven teams will transform, reveal and sell off a house in the first two episodes.
"That's a real change," Wendy points out. "It's changed the vibe of the whole season."
We can't wait! Ahead of tonight's premiere episode, you can meet the contestants in our gallery here.
House Rules premieres Monday 7th May at 7:30pm on Channel Seven. It airs Monday to Thursday, 7:30pm and Sunday 7pm.

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