Despite battling drought, House Rules' Toad and Mandy have cause to be thankful

“Life has never been better!”

By TV Week team
After their House Rules win, Toad Heffernan and Mandy Stone returned to their home town of Candelo in south-eastern NSW. But the couple had little time to relax.
Because of this year's drought, Todd went straight back to work, and together, he and Mandy have been working with charities to help ease the crisis.
"I've been putting in some pretty long days," Toad, 32, tells TV WEEK.
However, the couple are certain the show changed their lives for the better.
Toad and Mandy have been busy working with drought charities.
"Life is great!" Todd says.
"I can leave for work knowing Mandy and the kids are safe and the house is warm and in working order. That's a load off my shoulders." Mandy, 28, adds.
"I'm a lot more confident now. You have to take something from putting yourself out there in a stressful position. I know myself more now."
Next year will just be as memorable, as the pair prepares to tie the knot.
Hard work and wedding bells are on the cards for Toad and Mandy .
"I can already feel it's going to be a busy year," Mandy says.
Previously speaking to TV WEEK, the pair said that their winnings on the show had allowed them to start planning their wedding ahead of schedule.
It also meant that they could secure their family's future.
"We won't just blow the money. We might blow a little bit on a boat or something like that, but we've done a long haul to get to where we are and we were away from our businesses and our kids and family for a long time. It's about the future and just staying strong." Toad said.
Toad with their two children.
Toad also commented on the show giving his family celebrity status in their local neighbourhood.
"We come from a town of 300 people and we're bloody celebrities here now. But we didn't do it for celebrity status. We did it so we could have a better life together and with our kids."

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