House Rules’ Kate slams Troy for walking out

The House Rules contestant called Troy's behaviour childish.

By Helen Vnuk
House Rules contestant Kate has slammed Troy for walking out during judging on tonight’s episode.
Troy left, taking partner Bec with him, after their bonus room was criticised by homeowners Sean and Ella.
“It was childish, definitely,” Kate tells TV WEEK, “especially after the week before when they had given Sean and El a two and they’d slammed everyone else’s rooms. Then the tables turned and they couldn’t cop it. We all stood there the week before and copped it like adults and they couldn’t.”
Kate, 28, believes the walkout had been brewing for a while.
“Troy and Bec had got a bit paranoid and felt like everyone was against them and they were set up to fail. They were saying that we all knew who had done what, which just so wasn’t true. That was their way of dealing with things, I guess, walking away.”
The western Sydney battlers eventually returned to the judging.
They received a score of four from Tasmanians Sean and Ella, and their bonus room – the guest bedroom – was given a “fail”.
When host Joh Griggs asked Troy if there was anything he wanted to get off his chest, he said there wasn’t.
Troy & Bec's study didn't win over the judges or Sean & Ella.
“He says little things under his breath more than anything,” Kate explains. “You never really see him lose his cool, but he always has words to say.”
At the end of the episode, Bec was clearly furious with Sean and Ella, saying she didn’t want to have anything to do with them.
What will the atmosphere be like on the next reno in Queensland?

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