House Rules host Joh Griggs shares her thoughts on the final four teams

Find out who Joh thinks are the “dark horses”.

By TV Week team
The competition is heating up on House Rules.
This week saw Sean and Ella and Kate and Harry work together to save Aaron and Dee’s house from the chaos of cyclone Debbie.
Meanwhile Aaron and Daniella and were working on Sean and Ella’s property with Andrew and Jono in Tasmania.
With two teams already eliminated, host Joh Griggs shares her thoughts on the remaining contestants. We think they’re all fantastic!

Sean & Ella

“These guys are super-calm and very methodical. Their approach to everything is quite analytical 
and they’re very strong on design.”

Kate & Harry

“Harry is feisty and a man-child. When it’s going badly, he has a tendency to either blow up or get sulky. Kate looks like a supermodel. She is one of the most magnificently beautiful women I have ever seen, even under enormous stress. She has an incredible ability to articulate herself very, very intelligently.”

Aaron & Daniella

“They’re a couple who talk the talk, particularly Aaron, but walk the walk too. They are so good and so impressive and work so hard. Daniella is definitely more emotional. They’re an exceptional and very strong couple.”

Andrew & Jono

“These two are a little bit different from last year’s twin brothers in the sense there was just that gorgeous lovely country charm from Luke and Cody. They’re probably a little bit like Luke and Cody in the sense that they don’t really have much of an idea about design. They research a hell of a lot. They’re not pretending they know a lot. These two are absolutely hilarious. To me, they’re dark horses. The way 
they approach each design challenge is extraordinary.”

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