Why House Rules star Daniella feels sorry for Fiona and Nicole

Apparently they do have a nice side.

By TV Week team
No, it’s not just the editing. Victorians Fiona and Nicole really are as difficult as they come across in House Rules, according to fellow reno rookie Daniella.
“That’s actually them,” Daniella says. “They came in with the wrong mentality. It was all about them. They played the game from the get-go, which got them into trouble.”
The single mums have been slammed on social media.
“Fiona and Nicole, you are ungrateful,” one fan wrote on Instagram, while another shared, “Glad to see karma has caught up with them.”
Daniella is competing on House Rules with her husband Aaron.
“I feel sorry for them,” Daniella says of the backlash. “But they should have been more careful in their approach. They like to argue.”
Daniella believes renovations suffered because of the pair, especially Kate and Harry’s. She says there was a reason other teams gave in to their demands.“The girls were so determined,” she explains. “In the end, you just threw up your hands.”
Daniella claims there is a nice side to the girls. It just took the other teams “a very long time” to find it.
“When they let down their guards, you can have a great conversation with them,” she says.

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