House Rules’ Aaron left SHOCKED over "terrible" feedback

Furious about the feedback he received, the contestant spills all to OK!.

By Carrissa Lawrie
Tuesday night’s episode of House Rules left viewers in an uproar after contestant Fiona Taylor showed her distaste for renovations done to her three-bedroom home – despite the house previously being an uninhabitable “shack” that had no running water or electricity.
And fans weren’t the only ones in an uproar. Here, fellow contestant Aaron opens up about Fiona’s “cold and ungrateful” reaction to her (free) renovation.
How did you feel about Fiona and Nicole’s reaction to your renovation of their house?
Terrible. They were living in a shack and we’d built them a brand-new house in seven days. I think they forgot that the house was a shack before. They were cold and ungrateful, and their reaction put the rest of us in a sour mood afterwards.
Aaron says the feedback has left the group with a "sour taste" in their mouths.
And how did your wife Daniella feel?
She was devastated. My lovely wife wears her heart on her sleeve and takes everything personally, so I hated seeing her so upset. She’d worked so hard so their reaction felt like a slap in the face.
Do you think they judged you so harshly for strategic reasons?
Honestly, yes. It was tactical for sure because we got the highest score from the judges, but the lowest scores from them. We were shocked.
Fiona and Nicole's have caused a rift within the House Rules group.
How does it affect your relationship with Fiona and Nicole going forward?
It’s pretty awkward, that’s for sure. It made it really hard because with their house being renovated first, we’d have to work alongside them on the other houses. How could we work with them? They’re so strong-headed and egocentric and not in a nice way, more in an arrogant way. Everyone was shell-shocked.
Did the outcome of the first reno make you and Daniella change your game plan?
Not really because we got such good feedback from the judges. We’ll just carry on. It knocked us a bit, but Daniella and I are Queenslanders – we’re tough.
Will Nicole and Fiona be on your Christmas card list?
Not until further notice!
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