Logies 2018: Ray Meagher dedicates his win to his late Home and Away co-star, Cornelia Frances

Corny, we know you're up there looking down with a champagne.

By Alex Lilly
Home and Away legend Ray Meagher has taken the TV WEEK Logie award for Most Popular Actor, but it was his heartfelt acceptance speech that had the audience wiping away a tear.
After thanking his four fellow nominees and comparing his win to Steven Bradbury's shock gold medal at the 2002 Winter Olympics, Ray who plays Alf Stewart on the show, thanked his former co-star Cornelia Frances, who passed away in May this year.
Home and Away stars Cornelia Frances, Ray Meagher and Judy Nunn.
"A lot of the young people go off to Hollywood to audition for bigger and better things. This lady decided to try to get into that studio in the sky. When she got up to the pearly gates, I hope St Peter didn't have the temerity to say, 'You can't come here.' "I think she would have looked over the top of those horn-rimmed glasses and said, 'Peter, you are the weakest link. Goodbye.'"
"Cornie, we know you are up there looking down with the champagne. We are not going to mourn your passing anymore. We are going to celebrate your life."
Fans took to Twitter to share their support. One user posted, "Be still my beating heart. Ray Meagher is flamin adorable!"
Cornelia Frances played Morag Bellingham, the antagonistic sister of Alf Stewart and was renowned for playing the tough and scary ladies.
Cornelia Frances as Morag Bellingham.

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