Home and Away recap: Daddy Issues

This week, VJ considers walking away from baby Luc, while Hunter questions whether Zac is really his father. At the same time, Zac's life is in danger when he falls off a roof!

By TV Week team
It was a jam-packed week on Home And Away. Family ties were tested as Justin (James Stewart) was reunited with his daughter Ava (Grace Thomas), while VJ (Matt Little) considered giving his Baby Luc and Hunter (Scott Lee) questions whether Zac (Charlie Clausen) is his father.
A little surprise threw a giant spanner into the works for Justin and Phoebe (Isabella Giovinazzo) this week.
Their America trip is around the corner, but it could all be in jeopardy after Justin’s daughter Ava showed up unexpectedly on his door step.
“Are you my daddy?” she asked Justin.
As Phoebe watches Justin and Ava rekindle their bond, she can’t help but feel uneasy. What does this mean for their future together?
It looks like Justin’s relationship with Ava and his trip to America are both up in the air…
This week, VJ considered giving up his daughter Luc for good. After seeing her on the beach with Ash (George Mason) and Kat (Pia Miller) he thought it seemed right. Luc looked happy and VJ doesn’t think he would be able to provide the life they can for her.But things got tricky when he confessed to mum Leah (Ada Nicodemou) that maybe it was time for him to move on from Luc. But Leah isn’t having it, reminding VJ that Ash and Kat only have an interim parenting order.
“In six months’ time we are getting Luc back, I truly believe that. I love that little girl and I know you do too,” Leah says.Will Leah’s words sway VJ?
After a drunken Zac fell from the second-storey of his and Leah’s house, he got a subdural haematoma. His life was on the line as he was rushed into surgery.
The good news is Zac was okay, but a small detail Zac says after surgery sends Hunter into a tail spin.When Zac recalls spending Christmas without Hunter’s mother Charlotte (Erika Heynatz), the year before he was born, the maths doesn’t add up. Hunter who was born (two months prematurely) in September freaks out, coming to the realisation that Zac might not be his father.
Hunter considers going behind Zac’s back to do a DNA test. Will he go through with it?

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