From the Bay to baes: All the Home & Away stars who've hooked up IRL

Two Aussie actors walk into the diner...

By Jess Pullar
Let's be real - if the lives and loves of Summer Bay's residents existed in real life, we'd have long given up on keeping stock of who's dating who.
Seriously, Home and Away is full of make-ups and break-ups. So much so that if it were real, we'd all be certified wrecks. Or just robots. Because no one could possibly have the emotional capacity to deal with some of the wild, yet traumatic scenarios narrated around those poor Aussie souls.
Maddie and Lucas taught our high school-selves a lot about young love... (Home and Away)
That being said, they do say art imitates life for a reason - and Home and Away is exhibit A, B and C.
Over the years, we've seen on-screen loves turn into real-life loves - and in most cases, it seems their IRL romance features a lot less drama in comparison to their characters.
What's more, a number of the actors who've hooked up in the real world are ridiculously cute.
If you're anything like us, you'll also be familiar with the thrill of witnessing an adorable new Summer Bay pairing make it work against whatever devilry the script writers threw at them.
But even better than that was realising that said adorable new couple are actually dating off camera.
That's why we decided to pin-point them all in one place.
Keep scrolling for Summer Bay's best real-life baes - you know they belong together.
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