Home And Away: A shocking murder will rock the Bay

And the murder victim isn't who you think it is.

By Stephen Downie and Tamara Cullen
Fans of Home And Away should be prepared to be shocked. In a dramatic series of events, a character will be killed off in this week’s gripping episodes.
Kat (Pia Miller) and Robbo’s (Jake Ryan) lives are on the line after they come face to face with deadly assassin Novak (Mirko Grillini). And Justin (James Stewart) and new girl Willow (Sarah Roberts) are in the thick of the action too.
Robbo is on edge after his girlfriend Kat agrees to testify at the trial of her violent ex, Dylan Carter (Jeremy Lindsay Taylor). The last person who testified wound up dead!
“He’s quite aware people are after Kat,” Jake, 34, tells TV WEEK. “Agreeing to testify in court puts her in the line of fire.”
Believing Kat and their unborn baby’s lives are in serious danger, Robbo has armed the apartment with security monitors. But it could be too little, too late.
Tied up inside a car, Kat realises she's about to be crushed
“Robbo’s on high alert,” Jake reveals. “He’s covering his own tracks and trying to keep Kat safe at the same time.”
At the apartment, Robbo receives a text message from Alf (Ray Meagher) offering him work at the pier. He’s reluctant to leave Kat alone, but after she reassures him she’ll be fine, Robbo leaves. But he has no idea he’s walked straight past Novak, who is hiding behind a tree!
Robbo meets Alf at the pier. However, he’s confused when Alf insists he didn’t send him a text message. Suddenly, a horrified Robbo realises who sent the text − Novak!
Meanwhile, an armed Novak enters the flat and grabs Kat. She yells for help, but is quickly silenced. Novak drags her to a car outside and gets in, just as Robbo arrives home. He gives chase, but he’s no match for the speeding vehicle.
“For Robbo, there’s no question of the importance of getting to Kat,” Jake says.
Robbo rushes to the police station, where they track Novak’s car to a local wrecking yard. Despite their warnings to stay away, he roars off.
Robbo races to save his girlfriend
At the wrecking yard, Kat is tied inside a car, which is set to be crushed! Robbo races to the forklift and attempts to free her. Robbo notices she’s clutching her stomach. Is the baby OK?
Suddenly, Novak approaches with a gun. Robbo tackles him. As they scuffle, the gun goes off. Who has been shot? Willow’s past haunts her this week when crime boss Boyd (Steve Le Marquand) comes looking for his money.
Fans will recall the leather-clad woman wasted no time in causing trouble when she arrived in town. Not only did she accuse Justin of stealing $15,000, she delivered a mean right hook as well!
“Willow doesn’t like it when things don’t go her way or when things are difficult,” Sarah says.
Having made amends, Willow and Justin seem to be getting along quite nicely. But there’s still the pesky problem of the money and who it belongs to. As it turns out, she borrowed the money from the wrong people.
“She works for some dangerous people who won’t stop until they get what they want,” Sarah explains. At his house, Justin answers the door to find a stranger. It’s Boyd and he wants his money – or else! Justin insists he doesn’t have it, but Boyd pulls out a gun and threatens to kill him and Willow if the money doesn’t show up.
“They’re in deep trouble if Willow doesn’t find the money,” Sarah says. With no sign of the cash, it seems Willow and Justin could be about to eat lead. Uh-oh!

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