Grab the tissues! Home And Away bids a final farewell to Mason after his tragic death

The Morgans lay their baby brother to rest.

By Maddison Hockey and Tamara Cullen
Justin and Tori have endured the toughest battle of their lives since losing Mason. And their grief was compounded yet further when Robbo also died, leaving Tori's baby Grace without a father.
While the heartbreak of losing two people they love will never fully heal, the siblings decide to take a big step forward and farewell their baby brother.
In an emotional week in Home And Away, Justin (James Stewart) and Leah (Ada Nicodemou) return home to find Tori (Penny McNamee) in tears. A box containing Mason's (Orpheus Pledger) ashes have just been delivered.
Tori struggles to say goodbye to Mason. Image: Seven Network
They decide to bury the ashes in between their parents' graves. Leah, who had been kidnapped during the hospital siege, has only just learnt of Mason and Robbo's (Jake Ryan) deaths and asks to accompany the Morgans to say goodbye.
"Leah didn't know about Mason and Robbo for a long time," Ada, 42, tells TV WEEK. "So it came as a huge shock when she found out and she didn't get to grieve them."
At the cemetery, Justin and Tori share stories about Mason and bury his ashes. The siblings embrace, while Leah places a bouquet on his grave.
Leah accompanies Tori and Justin, having missed the drama while being held captive. Image: Seven Network
After an emotional day, the trio return home and sit in silence. As Tori plays with baby Grace, Justin suddenly slips away.
In the bathroom, he lets his anguish consume him and sobs into his hands. Leah comes to find him and, despite their recent disconnect, pushes aside her fears to comfort him – the pair realising they need each other now more than ever.
Orpheus sacrificed himself during the hospital siege. Image: Seven Network
Orpheus spoke to TV WEEK before his departure from the show last year.
"I'm so appreciative of all that I got to do, all I got to see, all that I got to learn, all that I got to experience over those almost four years."
Speaking about Mason's final heroic moments in the siege Orpheus likened his death to a song.
"There was so much momentum leading up to his death so it was just... it was a bit of a crescendo moment, it was just like the height of a really intense and amazing kind of song."

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