In memory of Mason: Home And Away holds a candlight vigil to say goodbye

The Summer Bay residents remember a young life lost.

By Tamara Cullen
After the shocking events of the hospital siege, which saw Mason tragically killed by a crazed gunman, it's time for Summer Bay to grieve.
When the police inform the Morgan family of Mason's (Orpheus Pledger) death in Home And Away this week, the news comes as a tragic blow.
Justin (James Stewart) instinctively clings to his sister Tori (Penny McNamee) as she collapses in tears.
"The Morgan siblings have always been close, so losing their younger brother rocks them to their core," Penny, 36, tells TV WEEK.
"They'll sit in this grief for a long time."
Candlelight vigil for Mason who was shot during the siege. (Source: Seven Network)
In their heartache, however, they realise they must break the news to their younger siblings Brody (Jackson Heywood) and Raffy (Olivia Deeble), who left to live in Melbourne last year.
As the eldest, Tori and Justin have always kept the family afloat.
But with the difficult year that tested their family so much, the heartache of losing Mason could break them.
The residents of Summer Bay say their emotional goodbyes. (Source: Seven Network)
"It's been a roller-coaster of emotions for Tori," Penny says.
"Her dream of becoming a mother finally can true with the birth of little Grace, but she spent most of her pregnancy in witness protection with medical complications. Then, this all culminated with the death of her beloved brother. It's been tough."
The residents of Summer Bay continue to reflect on the tragic events. (Source: Seven Network)
As word of Mason's death travels through Summer Bay, the Morgans receive many words of condolence and messages of sympathy.
Alf (Ray Meagher) suggests the community gather at the beach for a candlelight vigil to pay their respects.
Later that night, the Summer Bay locals arrive to reflect on the sombre event and pay tribute to lives lost.
Marilyn (Emily Symons) remains particularly pensive as she reflects on the circumstances that could have ended her own life during the hospital siege, and reminds Tori that her brother died a hero.
After Alf delivers a heartfelt tribute, Justin and Tori hold each other close and send their lanterns out to sea in a fitting farewell to their baby brother.
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Penny McNamee reveals she let the tears flow

"Those episodes [where Tori is informed of Mason's death] were absolutely heartbreaking [to film]. Luckily, I have a vivid imagination, so I just put myself in that situation and let the tears flow. As all new mums know, those emotions are certainly bubbling below the surface, and Tori really struggles after losing Mason, so I used that. But having a little baby to care for and support, Tori quickly has to pull herself together and just get on with things."

Roo returns home to troubling news

Roo returned home to the wake of bad news. (Source: Seven Network)
Roo returns home to troubling news
Alf's clumsy attempt to propose to Martha is causing more harm this week when she questions their future – and caught in the middle is their daughter, Roo.
Having returned to Summer Bay in the wake of bad news, Roo (Georgie Parker) is delighted to learn her dad had popped the question.
But her congratulations are cut short when Martha (Belinda Giblin) reveals she didn't actually say yes – or anything at all.
Over a cuppa, she laments that Alf's proposal was underwhelming, to say the least, and he was probably swept up in the emotion of the tragic week and will regret his actions.
If so, what does their future hold?
Roo tries to calm Martha, then chastises her father for his lacklustre effort.
Will Alf's pride ruin his proposal?
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