Home and Away’s Lynne McGranger reveals she receives X-rated texts from fans

“I think they're all young men who obviously have a mother complex.”

By Erin Doyle
Playing Irene Roberts on one of Australia's most iconic television shows, Home And Away's Lynne McGranger is no stranger to fan mail.
But in a new interview, the actress revealed that sometimes she gets a little more than she bargains for when fans slide into her DMs.
Speaking to the UK's Daily Star, the 66-year-old admitted she occasionally gets sent dirty messages by men who watch the show.
"With social media people can contact you directly and some of the messages do surprise me," Lynne, who has played Irene for 27 years on the soap, said.
"Some of them are weird."
Lynne admits she's been getting "weird" messages from Home and Away fans. (Image: Instagram @lynnemcgranger)
The actress added, "I have young male followers who can be a little bit flirty and a little bit weird sometimes. I think they're all young men who obviously have a mother complex."
But far from being upset about the flirty texts, Lynne said she doesn't let them get to her.
"As long as you can recognise it for what it is, then it's fine. It's just a bit of fun. It's nice my character invokes feelings in people," she said.
Lynne also revealed that she receives messages from gay men coming out to her, which she attributes to her character being such a relatable mother figure.
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As well as her warm heart and quick-witted remarks, Lynne's character is known for her turbulent life in Summer Bay.
However, Lynne told TV WEEK last year that it's a life far removed from her own and unlike her alter-ego, she prefers to keep her personal life private as much as possible.
"I deal with the fame of the show's notoriety," Lynne said.
"But it [being a public figure] is a bit weird. Especially with personal stuff – word gets out."
Of the fans sending her flirty messages, Lynne said: "I think they're all young men who obviously have a mother complex." (Image: Getty Images)
Despite the pitfalls of fame, Lynne said she's grateful that fans still care about her and her character.
"Irene can be a polarising character," she said. "But it's when people don't care about you that you start packing your bags."
Lynne with her Home and Away co-stars. (Image: Instagram @lynnemcgranger)

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