An emotional Lynne McGranger recalls the time Belinda Emmett found a lump in her breast

She was just 23-years-old.

By Anita Lyons
Home and Away star Lynne McGranger is about to bare all on the All New Monty: Ladies Night with one aim in mind - to raise awareness for breast cancer.
And in an emotional new trailer for the one-night-only show, the 66-year-old has revealed the heartbreaking moment that her beloved former co-star, the late Belinda Emmett, found a lump in her breast.
"I would be absolutely honoured [to do the show] and I have to tell you why," Lynne told choreographer Todd McKenney and co-star Georgie Parker in the clip (WATCH ABOVE).
"Belinda Emmett, she was on Home and Away and I clearly remember her sitting in the makeup chair [saying] 'I've got a little lump'."
"It would be my great honour to do it."
Lynne McGranger and Belinda Emmett on the set of Home and Away. (Source: Channel 7)
The two actresses worked alongside one another for three years before Belinda said goodbye to the Bay to focus on her health in 1999.
In 2006, surrounded by family and friends, including her husband Rove McManus, Belinda, 32, lost her eight-year battle with cancer.
Though she faced her fight with grace, dignity and immense courage, hers was not an easy road.
A malignant tumor was surgically removed in 1998 and Belinda believed the threat was behind her until a secondary bone cancer was discovered in September 2001.
Belinda and husband Rove McManus at the ARIAs in 2004. (Source: Getty Images)
In an interview with TV WEEK, Lynne revealed another heartbreak and it was the other reason she "jumped" at the chance to undress for charity.
"My best friend Maureen recently lost her daughter Nikki to breast cancer," the actress said.
"I couldn't go to her funeral because it was the week we started rehearsals for this. It really upset me that I couldn't be there, but doing Ladies' Night and bringing focus to the disease was more important, in a way. It's very much in Nikki's memory."
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Lynne found the striptease "liberating". But does she think her on-screen character, Irene Roberts, would dare to bare?
"She'd be really terrified," Lynne says. "But she's a breast cancer survivor herself, so I think she probably would!"
The All New Monty: Ladies' Night airs Sunday, 7pm, on Channel Seven.