Home and Away: Justin issues Willow a final ultimatum

Who will Willow choose? Justin or Dean?

How do you choose between the people you love? That's the question Willow is forced to answer in Home And Away this week when Justin questions who she truly wants to be with: him or Dean.
While Justin's (James Stewart) attempt to stabilise their relationship is admirable, his rash approach could end in disaster. After all, Dean (Patrick O'Connor) has been in Willow's (Sarah Roberts) life for a long time. And right now, he needs her more than ever.
Will Justin's ultimatum backfire?
Justin (centre) issues an ultimatum to Willow over Dean.
The busy couple decide to have a date night at Salt. It's been so long since they've spent time together. Tonight, it's all about them – no exceptions.
During her community service duty, however, Willow is caught up listening to Dean's family drama.
The River Boy has found his father, and their meeting didn't go well.
In fact, he's certain his dad – a wealthy man named Rick – wants nothing to do with him.
"Willow is used to looking after Dean and picking up the pieces for him and vice versa," Sarah tells TV WEEK. "It's the way they've lived for so long."
Willow urges him to pursue a relationship with Rick. But later that day, Dean arrives back in Summer Bay with an envelope full of cash.
He tells Willow that Rick gave him $50,000 to stay away.
Dean is offered $50,000 to stay away.
Willow decides to comfort Dean and tells Justin she'll be a bit late to dinner. But on his way to Salt, Justin spots his girlfriend and Dean sitting together on the beach.
"Justin finds it really hard to watch Willow giving all of her time to Dean," Sarah explains.
"He doesn't feel like she's making him her number one priority, as you should in a relationship."
Willow struggles to choose between her boyfriend and her ex.
While it's no secret that Dean and Justin aren't exactly friends, the mechanic had learnt to accept her ex-boyfriend's presence in the Bay. Justin even acknowledges their strong bond. But enough is enough.
Justin storms home and waits for Willow to find him. When she arrives, he delivers his ultimatum.
"When Justin tells Willow she has to decide between him or Dean, it's difficult for her," Sarah says. "But she understands his point of view. She's stuck in a really bad place."
Oh, boy! We don't like where this is heading!
Home and Away airs Monday to Thursday, 7pm, on Channel Seven.

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