SPOILER ALERT: John and Marilyn's tension escalates on Home and Away - will they split for good?

A shock outburst from John could send the couple over the edge for the last time.

By TV Week team
Helping the Parata family from New Zealand settle into Summer Bay has given Marilyn a new purpose – and a budding connection to newcomer Ari.
Her husband John, however, wants them run out of town.
John keeps a close eye on the newcomers. Channel 7
With their issues surrounding the topic unresolved, tensions mount on Home And Away, with John (Shane Withington) issuing Marilyn (Emily Symons) a defiant ultimatum that could end their marriage for good.
John keeps a close eye on the newcomers, waiting for them to step out of line. At the Surf Club, Ryder (Lukas Radovich) introduces Nikau (Kawakawa Fox-Reo) to Bella (Courtney Miller) and the trio begin a game of pool.
However, a misaligned shot causes one of the balls to fall onto the floor – giving John the excuse he needs to kick them out.
John is already weary of the Paratas. Channel 7
On hearing of the altercation, Ari (Rob Kipa-Williams) confronts the business owner and demands respect.
He goes on to say that his family are grieving, which makes John curious. That afternoon, he researches the Paratas, and discovers Ari has a criminal past.
John triumphantly thrusts the articles in front of Marilyn, fully expecting his wife will now share his view of the family and send them packing. But to his surprise, she doesn't, and dismisses his concerns.
Marilyn tries to reason with her husband, but John's in a rage. With their argument at a stalemate, they're no closer to moving forward. That's when a desperate John gives his wife a final ultimatum.
"Either they leave or I do," he declares.
The TV couple were married in 2014. Channel 7
At the Diner, Marilyn laments to Roo that her marriage is crumbling before her eyes – and there's no turning back from what they've said and done.
Meanwhile, John arrives at the Summer Bay caravan park with a suitcase in hand…

Life or Limb: Alex makes a risky decision to save Colby

After being attacked by Leah's stalker while trying to rescue her, police officer Colby is fighting for his life in hospital.
While Colby (Tim Franklin) was arresting deranged stalker Douglas (Adam Booth) in recent episodes, he leapt from a closet and stabbed him in the leg with a pair of scissors.
WATCH: HOME AND AWAY SPOILER: Leah's kidnapping scandal. Story continues below...
This week, Justin (James Stewart) rushes his friend to the emergency room. Colby's in agony as Alex (Zoë Ventoura) assesses the wound.
When Bella and Dean (Patrick O'Connor) arrive, the doctor delivers her diagnosis: Colby has acute compartment syndrome – when pressure builds dangerously in the muscles after a trauma – and requires urgent surgery.
Bella and Dean wait anxiously as Alex gets to work. Colby's condition has deteriorated rapidly, causing the tissue and nerves in his leg to fail.
Alex is forced to make a snap decision to save Colby's leg. Trembling, she calls for assistance and does her utmost to keep her patient alive.
Has she made the right call?


Alex prepares to leave Summer Bay alone, as Willow (Sarah Roberts) debates giving up on the woman she loves. Is it really over?
Leah (Ada Nicodemou) struggles in the aftermath of her kidnapping ordeal. Her strange behaviour causes Justin and Irene (Lynne McGranger) to worry about her mental health.

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