Home and Away: Jasmine finally reveals the truth about her past

A run-in with Robbo brings up Jasmine's history...

By Maddison Hockey
Robbo's unexpected return to Summer Bay has done more than just rattle Jasmine.
After her sudden collapse, the nurse is forced to face the truth about her anxiety and it leads her to make a surprising confession about her past.
The drama picks up as Jasmine (Sam Frost) recovers from her dizzy spell in the Diner.
As a concerned Robbo (Jake Ryan) hovers, it's clear he's only making Jasmine's anxiety worse.
When he's asked to leave, Robbo catches sight of Tori (Penny McNamee) on his way out and asks her if she could check on Jasmine.
"It really upsets him to see the effect he's had on her," Jake, 35, tells TV WEEK.
Robbo asks Tori to check on Jasmine (Image: Channel Seven).
Trying to assure her friends the collapse was a result of overexertion and lack of food, Jasmine snaps as Tori tries to interfere – this is all her fault!
Recovering at home, Jasmine opens up to Irene (Lynne McGranger). She regrets her harsh words to Tori, but what's more concerning is her inability to get a grip on her emotions. Irene thinks it's obvious: she's still in love with Robbo.
As Jasmine reluctantly sits down with her ex, she's overwhelmed by her emotions. She blurts out that Robbo isn't the first person to abandon her.
Shocking them both, Jasmine flees before giving any more detail. Soon after, Robbo manages to track her down.
Jasmine struggles to reveal the truth about her past (Image: Channel Seven).
"At first, he doesn't understand it at all," Jake says.
That is, until Jasmine reveals her mum died when she was a child, after which her father disappeared, leaving her behind. Robbo is dismayed to realise his own disappearance has caused Jasmine's abandonment issues to resurface.
"He's gutted to see how distraught she is and the effect he's had on her," he explains.
Will Jasmine be able to let go of the past and forgive Robbo?
Home and Away airs Monday to Thursday, 7pm, on Channel Seven.

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