Deadly betrayal! Home and Away’s Robbo’s life is on the line after discovering mate Scott’s true motives

Will Robbo make it out alive?

By TV Week team
The deadly revenge plot of the Ouroboros gang hasn't been confined to the terrifying hostage situation at the hospital. Elsewhere, Robbo is caught in a deadly situation with traitor and dirty federal police officer Scott (Trent Baines).
When we'd left Robbo (Jake Ryan) in the season finale, he'd just learnt of the siege at the hospital putting his friends and wife Jasmine's life in peril.
It was Scott's reluctance and suspicious behaviour that finally tipped off Robbo that his friend had been turned.
Scott (left) has no choice but to kill Robbo (right) to keep his secret. (Image: Channel Seven)
Scott has his gun and they're driving in the opposite direction to the hospital where the seige is taking place. (Image: Channel Seven)
"He realises Scott's got his gun and they're driving in the opposite direction to the hospital," Jake, 36, tells TV WEEK. "That's when he starts to recall all the clues he missed."
Scott forces Robbo at gunpoint away from the hospital and out to a secluded cliff's edge. Robbo tries to reason with him – the Ouroboros gang must have threatened Scott's family.
"Robbo realises this is probably not something Scott wants to do, but is being forced to do," Jake explains.
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When Robbo tells Scott he can try to protect his family too, the AFP officer lashes out – if Robbo couldn't protect his own family, how can he protect his?
Robbo decides to try a different approach, explaining to Scott that even if he kills him, the Ouroboros gang will soon turn on him too.
The rationale appears to work and the pair agree to head to the hospital to try to bring an end to the siege.
Their car loses traction and crashes - will they survive the impact? (Image: Channel Seven)
As Scott gets behind the wheel, however, he becomes frantic. Realising the weight of the situation he's in, he panics that if he doesn't die today, he'll go to prison, where the gang will find a way to get to him.
With Scott becoming increasingly unhinged, Robbo tries to take the wheel. But as they fight for control, the car loses traction and crashes at high speed.
Will they survive?

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