Home and Away's Dean is off the rails

Will he get his act together?

By Tamara Cullen
When life gets you down, Dean's answer is to stop caring and give up.
But his careless attitude is pushing his loved ones further away this week in Home And Away – and could see him end up in jail.
On the morning of his trial, Dean (Patrick O'Connor) is nowhere to be found. Willow (Sarah Roberts) panics and fears he has done a runner.
Fans will recall the River Boy leader is facing up to 20 years in prison for credit card fraud and assault.
The situation became further complicated when Willow confessed her part in the ordeal to Colby at the police station, by making an official statement in a bid to clear her guilty conscience. The confession resulted in her being charged on the spot.
Dean is on a path to self destruction.
While the bikie babe is willing to do anything to avoid a jail sentence, the same can't be said for her troubled friend.
Eventually, Willow finds him on the beach. Dean is drunk and incoherent. He refuses Willow's help and yells at her to go away and leave him alone.
However, Willow has never been one to back down and pushes him off the pier!
Struggling to get through to Dean, she turns to Colby (Tim Franklin) for support.
The fed-up bike babe pushes Dean over the edge.
The policeman tells her he's already called Dean's mother, and no good can come from that.
"Colby and Dean have so much history as friends and he [Colby] will never stand on the sidelines if he can help it," Tim, 27, says.
Realising how deeply troubled their friend is, Willow and Colby promise to give him space – for now.
Let's hope Dean can pull himself together.
Home and Away airs at 7pm Monday to Thursday on Channel Seven.
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