Ziggy or Simone? Brody finally decides in bombshell Home and Away episode

But shock baby news could derail his decision...

By Maddison Hockey
Brody committed the ultimate betrayal by cheating on Ziggy with Simone. Now, no longer able to live a lie, Brody is forced to choose between his wife and mistress. That is, until Ziggy makes a surprising announcement.
The drama picks up in Home And Away when Brody (Jackson Heywood), Ziggy (Sophie Dillman) and Justin (James Stewart) gather to celebrate Tori's (Penny McNamee) baby news.
As they toast to the future, young mechanic Ziggy also shares exciting news: she's sold their honeymoon gift vouchers and put the money into a savings account for a house.
Brody feigns excitement to cover his shock. The chef has been balancing his recent affair with colleague Simone (Emily Eskell) for weeks, never looking ahead. But with Ziggy ready to make plans for their future together, the guilt is sinking in.
Image: Channel Seven.
Nearby, Maggie (Kestie Morassi) and Simone overhear the conversation.
As Maggie bubbles with joy and congratulations for the couple, Simone locks eyes with Brody in a tense and awkward exchange.
It's a glass-shattering moment for Simone, who's recently fallen head over heels for Brody.
"It's heartbreaking," Emily, 28, tells TV WEEK. "It's one of those important moments when you see how couples really are together.
"There's a promise to a future [for Brody and Ziggy], so it's not looking good for what she wants to happen."
Image: Channel Seven.
Brody slips away from the table and quietly begs Simone for a chance to talk. But the heartbroken redhead refuses and tells Brody their relationship is over.
"She feels like a home-wrecker," Emily explains. "It's an awful, awful feeling."
When Justin sees the exchange, having recently learned of the affair, he lays into Brody over his reckless behaviour.
He chastises his brother for playing the perfect husband while still chasing Simone.
Ignoring his advice, Brody makes another desperate plea to Simone. But fed up and feeling guilty, Simone criticises Brody's inability to decide between her and Ziggy.
"She needs something to change soon or she won't be able to live with herself," Emily explains.
Image: Channel Seven.
Brody is left to stew over Simone's harsh reality check. With her words ringing in his ears, he comes to a shock decision. Confiding in Justin, he reveals he's in love with Simone and is going to leave Ziggy.
Meanwhile, Ziggy and Tori continue to discuss the baby announcement at Salt. As the women chat about Tori's decision to become a mother, Ziggy starts to give thought to the prospect herself.
Already wanting to build a home with Brody, Ziggy now starts to think about having a family too.
Brody may have made up his mind for now, but could Ziggy's decision change it once again?
Home and Away airs Monday to Thursday, 7pm, on Channel Seven.

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