Home and Away’s year in review: As 2018 draws to a close, TV WEEK looks back at the moments that rocked Summer Bay

Looking back at all the best moments...

By TV Week team
It's been a rollercoaster year in Summer Bay, and Home and Away fans have loved every second of it.
From the highs - such as Brody and Ziggy's wedding - to the lows - special mention to the Astoni family - 2018 has been a wild ride.
Here, we look back on all the biggest moments...

Tragedy Strikes: Kat’s death sets the stage for an explosive year

The residents of Summer Bay have endured more than their fair share of suffering over the years, but the death of Kat Chapman (Pia Miller) and her unborn baby heralded an emotion-packed 2018.
The policewoman was tragically killed in a car crash while trying to flee town with wanted crim Robbo (Jake Ryan). In heartbreaking scenes, the baby's father, Ash (George Mason), carried a small white casket at Kat's funeral service to represent the loss of his child.
Riddled with grief and guilt, Robbo made a run for it. But angry Ash was hot on his heels…

Hello Stranger: Sam Frost makes her mark in Summer Bay

A wave of criticism met former Bachelorette Sam Frost when she joined the cast of Home And Away. But the acting newcomer took it all in her stride and set out to prove her critics wrong.
She certainly made a memorable entrance: her character, Jasmine, was driving the other vehicle in the crash that killed Kat dead.
When Jasmine awoke from a coma, Leah (Ada Nicodemou) helped her, and soon discovered she was trying to escape an unhinged ex-boyfriend. The pair teamed up to foil his dangerous plan to win her back.

The Boys Are Back In Town: Dean ushers in a new era for the River Boys

Something – or, rather, someone – was missing when The River Boys made their long-awaited return.
Once led by Darryl "Brax" Braxton (Stephen Peacocke), the trouble- making gang now take their orders from a new chief. With some similar traits to his predecessor and a "Blood And Sand" chest tattoo, Dean (Patrick O'Connor) strode across the beach to meet Ash.
"Brax told me I could call you if I ever needed help," Ash said to Dean.
The mob from Mangrove River quickly caused chaos that included a fight on the sand with new cop Colby (Tim Franklin), and Dean and his ex-girlfriend Willow (Sarah Roberts) shared a sexy encounter.

Dying To Spill A Secret: Alf and Roo are trapped in a sinkhole

In the lead-up to Alf's (Ray Meagher) big storyline, which tied in with Home And Away's 30th anniversary, there were rumours the character was about to be killed off.
After falling into a sinkhole with Roo (Georgie Parker), it didn't look good for Alf.
But he pulled through and, in a twist, dropped a 30-year-old secret: Roo's mother is alive!

Dire Diagnosis: The Astoni matriarch is hit with heart-wrenching news

Maggie's (Kestie Morassi) serious health issue has been an ongoing storyline in H&A for most of 2018.
After collapsing on the pier, the school principal was diagnosed with non-Hodgkin lymphoma.
The frightening situation grew worse as the Astoni family rallied around her. While she's not completely out of the woods yet, things are finally looking up. Fingers crossed!

Cliffhanger action: Ash and Robbo’s feud comes to a head

When Summer Bay's bad boys finally came face-to-face, all bets were off. Standing alone on a windy cliff top, Ash and Robbo were poised to make a fatal decision.
Thankfully, the police stepped in before things got out of hand. At the station, the men finally put their anger aside and aired their grievances over losing Kat.

Willow is forced to choose: Dean or Justin?

When Dean arrived in town, he didn't expect to run into his ex-girlfriend, Willow – let alone still have strong feelings for her.
So when Willow and her new boyfriend, Justin (James Stewart), stumbled upon a half-naked Dean in her caravan, things became pretty complicated. Yikes!
Throughout the year, the love triangle got messier and messier, until a fed-up Justin gave his girlfriend a stark ultimatum: him or Dean. What's a girl to do?

Femme Fatale: Evil Ebony terrorises the town

Sassy, sexy and daring, Ebony (Cariba Heine) certainly made herself known to the locals. But she didn't come to the Bay to make friends: she wanted revenge on those responsible for her brother's death.
During her villainous reign, Ebony ruined Justin's business, framed Robbo for murder and even held Colby hostage! Someone not to be messed with...

Adios, Ash! Another fan favourite exits the show

Following his relentless pursuit of Robbo and subsequent break-up with Tori (Penny McNamee), Ash decided to leave Summer Bay.
He spontaneously booked a one-way plane ticket to Cyprus to see VJ (Matt Little) and baby Luc.
In his final moments, Tori and Ash shared a tearful goodbye and she watched him drive off into the sunset.

Welcome to splitsville: The break-up no-one saw coming

For three years, they had been the stable, dependable couple in H&A. But in 2018, the spark flickered for Hunter (Scott Lee) and Olivia (Raechelle Banno) and the fashion designer fell into bed with her boss, Axel (Matthew Pearce).
Olivia and Hunter eventually went their separate ways – she relocated to Melbourne, while he decided to live in Vietnam with Zac (Charlie Clausen).

Ziggy and Brody tie the knot: Emotions run high during the couple’s special day

Tears flowed as Ziggy (Sophie Dillman) and Brody (Jackson Heywood) got married.
In the lead-up to the big day, however, Ziggy couldn't shake her doubts about walking down the aisle so soon. Brody, meanwhile, couldn't shake off his hangover!
As the ceremony got underway, the cute couple declared their love for one another, while a proud but gravely ill Maggie looked on. Sob!

Chelsea comes to win: Ashleigh Brewer lays down the law

Cops always get their man – which is precisely what newcomer Chelsea (Ashleigh Brewer) planned to do when she arrived in the Bay looking for her ex-fiancée, Colby (Tim Franklin).
The former star of US soap The Bold And The Beautiful was an exciting addition to the cast and fans flocked to the screen to see her in action. After a turbulent reunion, Chelsea and Colby decided to get married. Woo-hoo!

Two for trouble: A rebellious sister and cheeky chef join the fold

Behind these fresh faces is a whole lot of strife.
Colby's mission to track down his younger sister, Bella (Courtney Miller), finally bore fruit this year when he found her living on a farm.
But he wasn't welcomed with open arms. Instead, the furious teen aimed a crossbow at his head!
Elsewhere, Brody's bonding at work with budding chef Simone (Emily Eskell) has left his young marriage to Ziggy on rocky ground.

Sizzling romance: Jasmine and Robbo declare their love

Sparks flew when Jasmine and Robbo first met, and the pair have finally given in to their mutual attraction. But it hasn't been easy.
Tori asking Robbo to be her IVF sperm donor proved troubling for poor Jasmine and left her questioning the relationship.
Happily, Robbo had bigger plans and asked Jasmine to marry him during the season finale.
However, we predict trouble might not be too far away...

Baby Joy: Tori and Robbo fall pregnant!

Everyone's favourite doctor is no stranger to heartbreak, so we were thrilled when Tori announced she was having a baby.
But tragedy came calling when she suffered a devastating miscarriage, prompting sperm donor Robbo to back out of their deal.
But what he doesn't know is that Tori has decided to try for another baby with the second embryo – without his consent.
It's shaping up to be a dramatic 2019 in Summer Bay!

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