Foxtel has signed a huge deal with HBO Max to bring the new streaming site’s content to Australia

There could be some exciting new options for viewers.

By Maddison Hockey
In the new world of COVID-19 where the couch has become our best friend and streaming our most apt form of entertainment, Foxtel is truly providing for our needs.
Just last week Foxtel announced it was teaming up with SBS to provide its customers with even more shows and viewing options, adding the likes of The Handmaid's Tale, Brooklyn Nine-Nine and New Girl to their offering.
Now, in even more exciting news, and a sigh of relief for us Aussie fans who often get left behind when it comes to hot new releases, the network has signed another deal, this time with HBO Max.
The streaming site's content will be available to Foxtel customers, exclusively on the platform.
Who will be the next Gossip Girl? Image: Supplied
HBO has already given us some of the biggest shows globally - Big Little Lies and Game Of Thrones - and is now expanding into streaming with their site HBO Max.
The anticipation is high.
HBO Max is set to launch on May 27 in the US, and will be producing both the Friends reunion and Gossip Girl reboot as well as The Flight Attendant with Big Bang Theory's Kaley Cuoco.
Whether these shows will all be on offer in Australia under the new deal is yet to be confirmed, but it's exciting news nonetheless.
Big Bang Theory could be one favourite joining the list of shows. Image: supplied
This also means a huge back catalogue of beloved shows and movies could be released as it's owned by juggernaut WarnerMedia.
"WarnerMedia has a long history in creating the world's best television. From Bugs Bunny to Batman, Carrie Bradshaw to Rachel Green, Jon Snow to Tony Soprano, WarnerMedia's characters are amongst the most beloved and iconic in television," Foxtel Group Chief Executive Officer Patrick Delany said of the deal.
"There is only one home in Australia for the diversity and volume of product from WarnerMedia and that is Foxtel."

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