Reality TV fans freak out as it appears Scotty T has left Geordie Shore

But has he, though?

By Gabriella Del Grande
He's been part of the MTV reality show Geordie Shore since 2012, but Scotty T just left viewers panicked that he's left the series.
Fans speculated that he'd quit or been dropped after the cheeky star was left out of a promo shot for season 14.

See? Distinctly Scott-less.
Obviously sensing people might lose it over the lacking line-up, which was also missing Marty McKenna and Chloe Ferry, fellow Geordie Sophie Kasaei quickly assured fans that their faves would be back.
Chloe, Marty and Scotty T are all missing from the promo shot
"Feels good to be back again flying the flag for the originals," she posted alongside an Instagram shot of the cast, including Aaron Chalmers, Marnie Simpson, Gary 'Gaz' Beadle and Nathan Henry.
Yep, the 'radge' lad will be back and better than ever in the latest season of the NSFW show, set to premiere on March 28 on MTV.
"Scott will be causing havoc in the new series," Sophie added.
Well, we just had a heart-attack for nothing.
This isn't the first time there's been a Scotty scare - the Brit babe was forced to deny rumours last November that he was being cut because of his crazy party antics. (Er, isn't that the whole bloody premise of the show, though?)
Thank god it was all BS, because there's no way Geordie Shore would be the same without him.
Remember the time he made out with Nathan?
And dressed up as a boob?
Never forget
Just really any time he opened his mouth.
Never change, Scotty. Never change.

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